16 February 2010

Southern snow

Here are some snow photos from last Friday.

It really started coming down here

The solar light and a rope hubby had put up to see if I wanted a flower bed here

This was so cool. There was a cobweb hanging off of the flower hook, and the snow just stuck to it!

We couldn't even see the steps to do down to the back!

A view out of the kitchen window.

The kids coming down to visit

The cardinals were happy I had put more food in the feeder. I counted 4-5 in this bush, however in the crepe myrtle to the side there were 10+ waiting in line!!

A look out the backyard Saturday morning

Looking down towards the house...the light hitting the trees, and the blue sky!

The road looks icy.

Up at the top of the hill heading towards the "winter garden"

This tree had berries in it which made a pretty cool shot with the super blue sky

Oops, a feeder I forgot about!

The bench and the greenhouse area. I planned to move the greenhouse down hill.

We left the posts up in the garden so we can add the deer fence back in the summer. Check out the top of the posts....they look like they have baseballs on top!!

The tree to the left is a huge holly although all the berries are now gone

A feeder for the critters as hubby would say

Looking out to the beehives

I'll have a few more tomorrow! You have to understand we usually don't see this so we take pictures like crazy!!! Although I think a day or two is enough for now, had it been last year I could have handled more, but now I am so ready for spring!


Marilyn said...

Your photos are absolutely beautiful! We have snow from October to April but the beauty of it is amazing!!
It is snowing right now......

Dianna said...

Your snow pictures are beautiful, Ulrike! It looks like the perfect amount to me. We've been having so much wind along with the snow yesterday and today. I really hope that it warms up gradually when the snow stops, or there will be a lot of flooding.

Did I notice African violets at your kitchen window? I did a post in January, I believe it was, with my African violets. They are my very favorite!

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hi Ulrike... oooh, all of your snow photos are beautiful! Love the cardinals, wish we had them here! And that spider web hanging with snow on it is incredible! Thanks for sharing your "winter wonderland"! xoxo Julie Marie

CIELO said...

What a magical stroll through your enchanted white paradise... the red cardinal against the white background, the light filtering through the lacey curtains, your kids approaching the house amidst the white background, the light coming down through the trees... truly enchanted! I have enjoyed each and every photo… thanks YOU for sharing your world with us….. Enjoy it to the fullest!



Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

BEAUTIFUL snow photos!

It's been snowing here for two days, too ... but I'm so tired of it, LOL, I don't have the urge to take pictures of it. LOL - I just want it to GO AWAY.

Madelief said...

Hi Ulrike,

It looks like we are both having snow :-)! I am glad you bought a new camera, because I enjoy looking at your photo's very much! You really live in the middle of the wood. Lucky girl!! It looks so pretty with all that snow. I wish we had birds like the cardinal over here, but alas!

Have a Happy wedneday!

Lieve groet,


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