31 March 2011

Blogger photos

Does anyone know what is going on with blogger photos?  I have uploaded three times for my previous post, and another post that I did is now doing the same thing.  They upload fine then poof! they disappear! I've done several in advance since I am so busy, but to no avail as no photos. Very frustrating! Any advice/help would be great! It may also just be one of those wait...wait...wait!
P.S. Now I just tried to post this and blogger said sorry we are unable to post this probably due to something that you have done! Arrrrggghhhh!

30 March 2011

Dog gone bloomin' happy

Yes, it has been a little over a week since I've last posted, but a lot has happened around here.  Our "baby" you know the one, who showed up on our carport one morning after a big thunder boomer storm, got hurt last week in an accident.

Fortunately all went well, and she was only gone over night with the vet.
Here she is dog gone happy to be back home, and on the mend. We have such a great vet, and she is a firm believer on home is the best medicine! So with some antibiotics and lots of love she has taken off again back to being almost her usual self which we are so thankful for since both of us have gotten quite attached to her. I swear, I boo hooed over her more than I had over our other dogs! I think that it is those big brown eyes that did it!
So of course, she has been spoiled rotten the past week! Ah, what we do for our critters!
We have had a ton of rain around here in the south lately too. So much so that the drought that we were in this year was made up last night, and we are back to normal. I thought that I'd show you a few bloomin' pictures that are putting a smile on my face (along with our "baby").
Spring has definitely shown up with all of its wonderful colors!
P.S. I had to upload the photos again.  I hope that they will do ok this time as I don't know what happened the first time.

19 March 2011

Bananas and Spring

I know that you are wondering what do bananas and spring have in common. Well, not much unless you get into a batch of poison ivy/oak or whatever it was!
I have had two relatives tell me to use the inside of the banana peel to wipe on that area, or as usual in my case, a lot of areas! We had spring outside cleaning at my grandmothers house who lives in the mountains of North Carolina last weekend, and the main project was to cut down this old maple tree next to the house which was starting to rot.
Hubby, my dad, and my uncle are standing there, as men usually do, looking at it trying to figure out the best way to lay it down. All the men had the chainsaws, and the women and few children got to carry away the brush, the small limbs, to the burning pile. There is enough firewood in that old maple for about three households! I sure hated to see it go as that is part of my childhood, but I did bring a few pieces home to play with. I have a couple of ideas.
Along with keeping busy with that over the weekend, cleaning outside here too, we also had to put in a new well pump. It seems like everything is breaking lately, and it doesn't care whether there is money or not! The old saying that it goes out faster than it comes in has been true around here lately.
I better get busy now. Several people are coming by today, we had another hive die, and one that looks like it might swarm. Spring is early around these parts, actually it feels more like summer since the temps have been 80 plus which would be 26-28C for you folks across the pond.
Hope all of you have a good weekend! Stay out of the poison ivy, and I'll let you know how the banana peels work!

12 March 2011

Time to

Spring forward! Personally, I'm not a big fan of the time change. It takes me a while to adjust, but adjust we must. So here are a few clock photos taken at the Screen Door in Asheville last year at the wonderful blogger get together.


I'm sure that there will be at least one clock in my house that I'll forget to move forward!

07 March 2011


An assortment of fences here
A fence that is more protective
A charming little fence just right for the flowers
A fence that zig zags along
A small bamboo style fence
The fence that has a seal of one of our presidents
The fence that says do not climb over
The split rail fence that adds beauty to the scenery
A sweet heart of a fence
What kind of fences have you seen lately?

01 March 2011

Rays of Sunshine

Doesn't the color of spring yellow remind you of spring sunshine?
Like the morning rays of sunshine, that's the color of the first spring yellow, and to me it spells happiness that puts a big smile on my face. Gardening season is about ready to begin!
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