25 November 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

I wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving!

19 November 2010

Drawing with #72

So on Sunday morning while we were all sitting around at the breakfast table with Dr. Hapke (our wonderful host and owner) at the bed and breakfast, hubby asked, what's with all the blue butts?  Is it a way of keeping count or tracking them?
Oh no, said Dr. Hapke.  That is number 72.  Number 72?  Yes,  she explained it is their way of keeping track of all of the sheep.  Hmmmmm, ok, let's hear this story.  (Dr. Hapke is an excellent story teller) So, here is the story of #72.  Oh #72 was a beauty, such a sweet thing.  He would always come up when he was a baby to get something to eat from you or just to be near you.  Such a sweetheart!  When it was time for market she just could not get rid of #72, well, not yet anyway.  So, #72 was going to have the honor of being the head honcho, buck, ram of the place.  Oh, what a privilege!  Very interesting, but why the blue butts? we asked.  To keep track of them.   A female will go into heat twice a year.  In order to know whether or not a female has been fertilized # 72 is rigged with a strap that goes around him with a crayon latched onto the strap.  Blue butts, # 72 has done his deed!  Now with sheep being so big and woolly they don't always show that they are pregnant until much later on, and as this is a working farm, you need to know these things! Plus they have to change out the colors every ten days in case the first time was not successful or a new female decided it was time for her painting.  Ah, Dr. Hapke told us, # 72 was so excited being the head ram he became an artist.  One female was quite the painting .  # 72 drew all over her, and went through two crayons in less than a day or so! One of the other guests said well instead of calling him #72 he should be called Leonardo!
Dr. Hapke suggested that we go along with her farmhand to see all of the animals, and so the hunt was on for Leonardo aka #72.
Our wonderful guide took us up the mountainside.  I mean we walked, and walked.  Now I walk just about every day, but this was a steep walk.

Nearing the top, and jackets are coming off.  Oh look! A shed in sight!
Hey, no blue butts here

But the view

She has 70 beautiful acres with this bed and breakfast

Our guide asked us if we wanted to go further up.  Higher? we said in unison. A nod of the head.  Is Leonardo aka 72 up there?  Oh no, he told us, he is down the hill with all the other females.

Back down we go
Ah ha! Familiar sight!
Yet where is #72?  Our guide feeds them their breakfast so we can get a closer look
Whoa!  There is a red butt!
Ok so now instead of blue crayons we are looking for red.  I think I spot him!
There you are you little artist you!
While everyone else was having breakfast
Leonardo aka #72 was trying to decide who he would romance for the day!
That mornings breakfast was much enjoyed, and full of laughter as we learned a lot about farm life and #72.  May you have another year at the bed & breakfast # 72!

15 November 2010

Blue Butts

It is a cold, rainy Monday here, and ACK! there is a leak in my skylight overhead of me. Oh boy, something else to fix! Well, back to my story.
Blue butts. Very interesting.
So, how did this come about? A little tidbit hint....#72.

14 November 2010

And on this farm there was

And on the B&B farm there were
Some chickens! With a Cluck Cluck here
There were some ducks! With a quack, quack
There was a turkey! (oooh better run, Thanksgiving is coming up!) Gobble, gobble
There were lots of sheep....baaa baaaa
Lots of cows other than Lolita and family! Moooo Moooo
There were some peacocks Aeeaaah, Aeeaaaah, ok, not so good with the peacock sound!
There were some watch dogs Woof, woof
To watch the sheep and be loved by guests! Woof!
I missed the cats, but they were there too! Meow.......hope you enjoyed the farm animals! Now, Old MacDonald had a farm.......................................
P.S. Mr. Turkey is safe, he is there for looks so he can strut around!

10 November 2010

Sweet Lolita

Back on the farm again aka Oxford Farm B&B.  Meet Lolita.  She came running down the hill as soon as her name was called!
She is the baby of the special breed kept on the farm.
Dad and mom here although they both have horns.
Here is the helper to the farm who is just the sweetest guy.  He does a lot of hard work including take the guests all around showing them the farm animals.
We were given bread so we could spoil Lolita!
Isn't she just the cutest?!
Mom and Dad wondering when Lolita was coming back
The family back together again.
I thought this was so cool.  I mean I've never petted a big or in this case little shaggy cow before.   Lolita and her parents will have a happy special life here on Oxford Farm.

07 November 2010

The Mill and The Barn

I wanted to show first to you before I forget a few more photos from around Asheville, and then I will get back to our bed & breakfast.  On arriving Friday night in Weaverville we were hungry so there was a restaurant right down the road that we decided to try.  There are quite a few in the area, but this one of course caught hubby's eye.  This is the Weaverville Mill Restaurant.  I believe the owners bought it back in the 1980's, and it is at least 100 years old. 

I love the old wood on it
Here is the inside where they had a lot of old antiques.  I am glad that they kept it original with all the wood as so many people might have painted it which would have made for a lack of "old" atmosphere.
This place was at least 3 or more stories high.  They had the grain on top so when you pulled one of these levers out it came down the shoot.
It was a quiet night which we were thankful for yet I've heard the place can get packed during the season.
So the next place is what Penny called the Tobacco barn.  Now I can't say for sure that is what this was used for way back when, but if any of you know North Carolina history a lot of tobacco was grown in this state.  Now the Tobacco Barn is an antique place, and it was our last stop of the day. I never saw all of it, there was just so much stuff.  70,000 square feet of it! I do want to go back some day, and really look around.  Day is right though as it looks like it might take all day!
Here are some of the bloggers resting. I'd be right there with you except I was too busy taking pictures.
Diane here in the foreground with Mary behind her.
Penny our hostess took this photo of Mary and I which is a good thing as I never got one.  Mary of a
http://abreathoffreshair-mary.blogspot.com/ has been a wonderful blogging friend since I've been blogging.  It was so nice to finally meet her and her husband!
I took a lot of photos that weekend so I will have more to share later on.
Bye for now.  See you at the farm!

06 November 2010

Life on the Farm

A bed and breakfast farm that is! When we went to the bloggers brunch in Asheville last month I looked online for a bed and breakfast to stay in.  I always enjoy them as I don't have to go very far for breakfast! This one caught my eye.  Located in Weaverville, N.C. about 15 miles north of Asheville, not very far from where we would meet up with the other bloggers. The lady that answered the phone was extremely nice as she told me about Oxford Farm.  It is a working farm with sheep, cattle, chickens, ducks, turkeys, and peacocks! That did it for me so I made the reservation.
She met us at the gate as it is kept locked until she gives you the key.  As we drove up to the house we saw these cows with very long hair! Not the best photo, but I promise I have more.
The peacocks running around
The sheep grazing

And inside the house was the story of how she came to purchase the farm and fixed it up
It was very run down

Yet she did a marvelous job with it.  It is pretty inside and out
Every morning we had muffins, coffee, and since she knew I drank tea a pot of tea was waiting for all of us in the living room
Saturday was a very fast pace for us with the bloggers brunch and antique shopping. (Thank you once again Penny!) So on Sunday we were able to get out on the farm, and that was a lot of fun.  More in my next post! 
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