31 December 2014

So time goes on....My Year In Review

So, here it is December 31st.  It seems like yesterday it was 12/31/13, and now look it has come back around again.  A lot has happened through the year here. The first biggie was my daughter moving on in her life, a single life once again.  It's a good thing.  Then she moved to another state; a sad thing for me yet life moves on as many of you know that have grown children.

It was busy around here during 2014.  We moved a metal shed and started a new garden area.
The metal shed used to be back behind our house.  I got tired of walking down, and then all the way up the hill to cut the grass, weed, etc.. so I talked hubby into moving it.  Oh boy, was that ever a chore! It fell apart, we put back together, then painted it. Now it is in the middle, and only holds garden tools, lawn mower, and a weed eater instead of all of those things plus junk storage.  At least it is in the middle now with no more running down the hill then back up again!  The other thing we worked on was building raised beds.  They are not very big, but it really is the sunniest spot on our property.

As the year progressed we watched from our back yard a million dollar house being built.
They are still working on it.  We believe they will have horses along with a swimming pool, beautiful conservatory/sunroom, great garden area too.  Of course this used to be cow pasture with an old homestead on it so this will be a beautiful place.

We are still working on our camper, but we have gotten a lot done to it this year.  More pics to come on it, but here is a refresher photo.

It is painted now, yea!, camo gone!  I am going to put a camper post together for 2015.

We made a few trips up north to Connecticut to help my hubby's uncle and aunt who have decided to move permanently down to Florida.  We enjoyed being up there and doing some exploring too, and along the way we stopped to visit my daughter and her new boyfriend in Va. Bch.  I was one happy mom!
Beautiful Connecticut.
And through the summer the garden grew.  Not the greatest, but it did so so ok.  Like our fence?  Hubby and I took apart a fence panel he came across so we made the garden fence with the wood.  Turned out pretty cool.  We added wire behind it, but some of our chickens have learned to hop over the fence.  That will be fixed in 2015! 

During the fall I painted the inside of my daughter's old place.  No pictures of that yet, perhaps later.  I wanted it to be a happy place for when they came for Thanksgiving.
It was a great Thanksgiving, just not enough mommy and daughter time!

So, that was my year.  Lots of little, but big things happening.  I have a lot of things planned for 2015.  This was not my best blogging year, and I know I said it before that I want to do more, but I guess that it why we make new year resolutions.  Speaking of that I found a great saying on facebook (ummm, yes, I did spend time there....) which I want to share with you.
That is what I want for me and all of you!  Happy New Year!

01 August 2014

August already!

I have been so busy around here!  We have had a couple of trips, worked on the camper which is turning out really nice, done a new garden bed, and the list goes on.  So with it being summer time I thought I'd share a few summer posts.  These were taken a couple of years ago, but I am hoping to get back up to Maine and take some more.  Gorgeous area! 
The light house in the distance we got closer to yet the only way over there was by boat or a bucket going over the water! 
I will try to post more soon!  Hope you have enjoyed part of your summer!

18 April 2014

February, March, and now April!

Goodness, I am behind on posting once again.  Well, a lot has been happening around here, and then I must admit facebook and especially pinterest has taken up a lot of my time.  I have been looking for designs to use for our camper that we purchased last year, and have just now been able to start working on again since we had all of that crazy, crazy weather here in the south. 
So here is what it looked like in February, and yes, snow again!

Where I wish I could have been!

The start of a new colorful day.

oops!  I am going to have to learn how to turn these around!
So, February and March had snow and cold rain with April finally warming up to bring us flowers and color back into our life.
I need to play around with blogger again.  So much to show, so much to do, and never enough time for all of it. 
Our list has been working on camper, working up the hill on my daughter's house underneath it putting insulation in.  Cleaning the yard everywhere as with the wind, snow, etc. you would not believe all of the tree branches down.  Putting up a bigger chicken pen so we can try and grow some grass in certain areas before the chickens find it!  We have also made new garden beds in front of my garden house so fencing needs to go around it too.  Whew!  The list could go on, but we have been busy beavers here.  So hope all is well with all of you, and I have visited a few so I need to get back with it.  Till then!

29 January 2014

Disappearing Fast....Snow!

So we finally got some snow!  It has been about 3 years since the last one, and then we received 6 inches.  This time only, well around my area, an inch and a half.  Of course to Atlanta it did a lot more as we had that black ice, then the snow, and then schools, people from work all going home at the same time. 
People living where they get a lot of snow make fun of us here in the south when we get it.  However, they tend to forget we usually have the ice that goes with the snow which tends to make it a hazard for anyone.  When we had the six inches it was all beautiful, fluffy, snow, but.....can't complain I enjoy it all the same!
So here is what it looked like around my house this morning.

 Our chicken house in the background here.  Good thing we have all those wire fences all they way around and on the top too as the guys saw coyote, fox, rabbit and deer tracks.  The clearing beyond that is where someone is building a house.  The land was sold about 7 years ago.

And our next door neighbor thought he would "ice" fish in our little pond! You have to look close to see the fishing pole with the little "fish" on it.  He is from Wisconsin so this is not that much snow for him, and his mom and aunt were in town for a visit trying to get away from it!

Our poor little fish although they seemed quite happy swimming underneath.  You can see the orange.
It wasn't that cold, but I still bundled up!
The bad thing is when it snows all I want to do is sit in front of the fire, laptop handy, and a good cup a tea!  Speaking of fires I better add some more wood to it as my hubby just came in with another armful of wood saying it needed another log on it.  Oh, and the gas man finally came this afternoon, thank goodness, although the bill he left behind for the two tanks (my daughter and ours) was not as welcome!  Now that some wood has been added I am going to check out which of you also got some of this storm!

28 January 2014

South Snow

Old man winter is blowing in strong here in the south!  From New Orleans to Savannah, Charleston, Raleigh, and Atlanta we are getting anything from sleet, ice, snow for today.  I am sitting here by the kitchen window with my laptop watching it just flow down; the view is better here only because the desktop in my office finally died.  The other one (which was my dad's computer) is in the shop so the verdict is still out on it.
The trees are getting covered, my hubby is home and so is my daughter so at least that's a good thing.  Now, if only the gas man will show up before the driveway becomes the perfect sledding hill again then things will be alright!  Guess it is time to get a fire going in the fireplace.  Nothing like snow, a warm fire, and a good cup a tea!  How are things in your neck of the woods?

12 January 2014

Snow Sand

I don't know how it has been around your area, but here it has been crazy.  We had an arctic blast sweep down here to the south, and also messed with my internet service too.  Needless to say, no internet, lots of little things got done around the house!
So, along with a freezing blast it warmed up enough yesterday to set off tornado watches and warnings!  At least today it has been a pretty day yet later this week snow is in the forecast with more cold.  Well, it is winter, one never knows what the weather might bring.  We do not get too much snow here although my daughter was up in New York during that arctic storm so she got to see plenty.  Here or rather further south in Florida they make their own "snow".  Here are some photos of it from 2012 when we went to the beach.

Now is that talent or what?  I have a few more to show, but I'll leave that for another day.  Hope where ever you are the weather is what you want it to be!
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