29 January 2012

Scale Humor

The month of January has been very busy for me.  Along with the usual stuff, it was also time for those yearly doctor visits we love so much.....Not!  However, my doctor being female always has a funny up on the door....she can relate! 

Don't we wish it was this easy? Hope this put a smile on your face today!

09 January 2012

How fast a year goes by! On this day a year ago in the Atlanta area we had this much snow

The gazebo collapsed

The trees leaning from the weight of the snow

Bee boxes not put away

The honeybees bundled up against the snow

My daughter and I sledding down the hill

And today we are having rain with strong storms moving in perhaps the next day or so.  All across the country a good portion of the states do not have or have not had snow, just rain.  What a difference a year makes! 
It also means I've turned another year older now, yes, I'm a January baby, and with that I can say where did the years go?
So, as I am listening to the patter of rain on the skylight which can make for a good nights sleep, I also think about the stillness, beauty and quiet the snow can bring.  Enjoy your day!
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