31 December 2014

So time goes on....My Year In Review

So, here it is December 31st.  It seems like yesterday it was 12/31/13, and now look it has come back around again.  A lot has happened through the year here. The first biggie was my daughter moving on in her life, a single life once again.  It's a good thing.  Then she moved to another state; a sad thing for me yet life moves on as many of you know that have grown children.

It was busy around here during 2014.  We moved a metal shed and started a new garden area.
The metal shed used to be back behind our house.  I got tired of walking down, and then all the way up the hill to cut the grass, weed, etc.. so I talked hubby into moving it.  Oh boy, was that ever a chore! It fell apart, we put back together, then painted it. Now it is in the middle, and only holds garden tools, lawn mower, and a weed eater instead of all of those things plus junk storage.  At least it is in the middle now with no more running down the hill then back up again!  The other thing we worked on was building raised beds.  They are not very big, but it really is the sunniest spot on our property.

As the year progressed we watched from our back yard a million dollar house being built.
They are still working on it.  We believe they will have horses along with a swimming pool, beautiful conservatory/sunroom, great garden area too.  Of course this used to be cow pasture with an old homestead on it so this will be a beautiful place.

We are still working on our camper, but we have gotten a lot done to it this year.  More pics to come on it, but here is a refresher photo.

It is painted now, yea!, camo gone!  I am going to put a camper post together for 2015.

We made a few trips up north to Connecticut to help my hubby's uncle and aunt who have decided to move permanently down to Florida.  We enjoyed being up there and doing some exploring too, and along the way we stopped to visit my daughter and her new boyfriend in Va. Bch.  I was one happy mom!
Beautiful Connecticut.
And through the summer the garden grew.  Not the greatest, but it did so so ok.  Like our fence?  Hubby and I took apart a fence panel he came across so we made the garden fence with the wood.  Turned out pretty cool.  We added wire behind it, but some of our chickens have learned to hop over the fence.  That will be fixed in 2015! 

During the fall I painted the inside of my daughter's old place.  No pictures of that yet, perhaps later.  I wanted it to be a happy place for when they came for Thanksgiving.
It was a great Thanksgiving, just not enough mommy and daughter time!

So, that was my year.  Lots of little, but big things happening.  I have a lot of things planned for 2015.  This was not my best blogging year, and I know I said it before that I want to do more, but I guess that it why we make new year resolutions.  Speaking of that I found a great saying on facebook (ummm, yes, I did spend time there....) which I want to share with you.
That is what I want for me and all of you!  Happy New Year!

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