30 July 2017

Daisies on the Line

It has been busy around here.  With all that happened last year there is a lot of repair work that needs to be done on various things with one of them being my daughter's place.  Painting, repairs, tearing apart, and the list goes on. So yesterday we took a very short break and went with the neighbors to an estate sale.
Now I have been to lots of them, but this one was way different.  The brother and sister that had lived there bought everything and I do mean everything!  The place was packed full of things to the extent you could definitely saying hoarding, but oh my goodness where could you even begin!
The house itself was absolutely beautiful, but it was being torn down so you could buy fireplace mantels, lightening rods (yes, someone did)....such a shame since the house must have been the place back in the day.  Sorry no pictures of the house, way too many people there, and stuff everywhere.
However, when I saw this I thought it was just too pretty, way too much work done to it, and I crochet so who knows how long it took to make it.
It is huge!  When we got home I washed it and hung it out to dry, but isn't this pretty?  I'm glad I saved it, not sure where it will go yet, but I am going to appreciate it for a while.

18 July 2017

New Chapter in Book of Life

Have you ever thought about how fast life goes by? The days, the weeks, and then the year?  Well, that is what happened here with a whole year going by.  Last year was not an easy year for us.  I had seven people in our family pass away, some were close to us, others not so much, but still they were family.
The close ones were actually my grandmother, and then my hubby's uncle and aunt passed too within months of each other after 57 years of marriage.  We spent a lot of last year going down to Florida where they lived to help them out as they did not have any children, and hey, I'm a firm believer that you help family as much as you can or as much as they allow you to.
Eight trips to Florida was quite a lot, and the last one was when a hurricane was going across the state so that turned out to be the change for us as we stayed until it was over, and then the aunt passed away during that time.
We brought uncle home with us.  You know, I love being around elderly people. They have so much to talk about if one will listen, and oh so many stories to share!  So even though last year was a tough year there are many memories to look back on, and a lot of smiles to go with it.
Now here are a few pictures I had taken at that time with the hurricane further north from us, we were way down south, and I must say the sunsets were wow!

This last picture also showed it was a full moon that evening.  These pictures were taken with my cell plus I adjusted the size some here on blogger....yea! It has been so long since I blogged I will need to learn everything again!
I have so many pictures, and I also found a lot of my dad's old slides back from his Air Force days which at some point I will probably share too.  The love of photography runs strong in my family.
Now it is time for me to be back online and visit and share, So.....here we go again!
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