19 February 2010

Snow with a touch of Spring

Ok, I know that everyone is so tired of winter snow photos, but I just had to share these few favorites of mine. Actually I have a few more, but I better save those for next winter as we never see this much snow!!! This is looking out into the back area. I love the way the light hits the trees in the back!

A favorite place for me to stop and check out the dahlias in the summer. I usually leave mine in the ground although this year they are probably all gone with as much rain that we have been getting, and all the cold weather. We are normally in the 50's during the day so it has been unusual for us here.

Our old wagon, now I have captured summer, fall and winter!!

This was just too cool not to show!

Ok, so how about a little hope for spring? Usually we have daffodils blooming up a storm around here, but not this year. Although out by the bird fountain I saw a peek of yellow so naturally I grabbed the camera. One little batch of crocus that I planted back in the fall! Now mind you I planted way more than this, but I'm happy with it!

For today we have sunshine, and 60 degrees, which for my family and blogger friends in Europe a very nice 15C! Ahhhhhh, soon I'll be able to wiggle my toes in the dirt!!!


Dianna said...

I've enjoyed seeing your snow pictures, Ulrike. Sounds crazy I know when you consider we are measuring ours by "feet". Maybe it is just refreshing to see a few inches on the ground? lol We actually have temps in the high 30's today so some of ours is melting...just in time for the next storm on Monday. :) I'm just thankful for a nice warm home! I actually heard birds singing this afternoon when I was out to the mailbox! They sounded so happy!

You have a lovely place to watch for the dahlias. One of my grandmother's favorite flowers was the dahlia.

So neat that you have a picture of your wagon in three seasons...just waiting for spring to make it complete. We have some of those sets, too.

Seeing your picture of the crocus reminded me that last fall I planted some tulip bulbs that a friend gave me. I'm SO looking forward to watching them come through the ground and then bursting into their beautiful pink!

Thanks for sharing pictures of some of your favorite things with us today!

The Pink Birdhouse said...

Hey there! been loving your comments on my posts, and that you have been by to visit!!! Looks like I have been remiss in coming on over to see what is new! I really need to hang my head over here. :-) I have been missing out on some great posts but I did read through the ones that I missed and so glad that I did, cuz You have some GREAT snow pictures!! I so enjoyed the snowmen and snowwomen and snowduck ones! Adorable. And the outhouse, well that has to be the best, since it is actually a "bee outhouse". I will be smiling about that one for some time to come. thanks for putting the temperature in celcius for us "over the sea" folks, I tend to forget what the temps are in F° anymore, although I am quite good at guessing. Wow, 15°, now I think I am jealous. We had 4° today and thought we were having a heat wave. Honestly, it felt so "warm" out I wanted to run around in a t-shirt, but hubby helped me resist and wait it out for the real spring weather before I do that. Funny, this snow has been a real pain this winter, all over the place, but everyone has had some really fantastic pictures and stories to share over blogs about the snow. I have enjoyed it immensely this winter! Your photos are just great, especially that cobweb one. I have NEVER seen snow hang on a cobweb before! delightful!! I very much enjoyed the fact that you remember getting dressed up for karneval at school, which the kids still do! what fun they had that day! My kids were raised here but have lots and lots of great memories of visits home to NJ to family. Now that they are older, they make the trip themselves to see my family, flying over with friends and sharing their "other" life with them!! they love to show it all off over there. anyway, enough chatter out of me. I'll be back! hugs, Debby

tina said...

I'm not too tired of seeing pictures of snow. I enjoy them, especially the ones with the shining on the snow. It's so beautiful~!

Lebenszeit said...

Liebe Ulrike,
auch wenn deine Bilder ganz zauberhaft aussehen und ich ohne den Winter nicht leben könnte, freue ich mich sehr auf den Frühling. Hier hat es in den letzten Tagen heftig getaut und die Schneeberge sind fast verschwunden, aber heute Nacht gab es nochmals etwas Schnee. Aber der Fühling kommt, da bin ich mir ganz sicher.
Herzliche Grüße aus Deutschland

monika said...

Oh!! I love your pictures..especially when the light is playing here and there!
Good job!

Dianna said...

I just wanted to drop by and say how glad I am that you stopped by yesterday and spent some time with me.

I loved hearing about your African violets. You mentioned that you go to a grower to get your plants. Do you have a local grower who does the African violets? The majority of mine are either given to me, or DH finds them at bargain prices because they don't look as if they are going to make it. He brings them home to me because he says he knows I can make them well. :) He's so sweet.

Hope you have a super weekend!

Deb G said...

Top photo is beautiful! I have tons of photos from our snow last year...

Randi said...

Your winter photos are just gorgeous. And your crocus gives me some hope that my spring dream comes true soon.
Thank you, Ulrike for your sweet comments on my blog.

Strickfee-Pe said...

Diese Lichtspiele auf deinen Fotos sind einfach wunderbar. Anstatt Frühling hat es bei uns schon wieder geschneit.
Liebe Ulrike, das Päckchen an dich geht in der nächsten Woche auf die Reise. Ich hoffe, die Socken passen und gefallen.
Ganz lieben Gruss and have a nice sunday, Petra

Anja said...

Beautiful, lovely pictures - especially the picture with the old wagon./Anja

Madelief said...

Hi Ulrike,

I am not tired of your snowphoto's at all! They are so beautiful. You live in a very pretty environment. So close to nature.

It looks like you are having great fun with your new camera :-)!!

Have a great sunday!

Lieve groet, Madelief

Les Cotrions said...

Waw! I'm dreaming Summer, but your photos are stunning! Snow can give a special touch to everything!
Have a nice new week!

Linda said...

Lovely photos. Snow can be so incredible-and hard to live with. I love it against a blue sky. Fabulous.

Tyra i Vaxholm said...

Hi Ulrike, 15 C that is a heat wave
:-) Beautiful winter pictures! Perfect light.

Sew Scrumptious said...

hello, So glad you are doing my swap! I had an odd number of people and needed someone else to join in so your timing was perfect!Can u email me your name and address please. Will be emailing more info out in next day or 2!

Roses and Lilacs said...

Your photos are beautiful. The first snowfall of the season is the high point of winter, for me anyway. We've had a lot this year and it has been lovely but difficult to deal with in many ways.

thepaintedgarden.net said...

Hi Ulrike,

Oh goodness - I love your snow pictures - they are beautiful. We have snow in our local mountains about a two hour drive from the coast and we can see the mountains on clear days.
Spring is just around the corner.
Have a lovely week.

Barbara said...

Do love the snow pics, especially the one with sun highlights.
Looks like you had some good finds with bits and pieces for your garden come Spring.

Denise said...

Love the pics. Look forward to seeing your spring and summer ones ;)

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