17 February 2010

Birdhouses, Snow Duck, & A Trip To The Outhouse!

I think birdhouses are so pretty covered in snow

Hey, even the beach house got snow! This is one of our neighbor's "beach house"

We headed to the neighbors house to take a walk down to the bridge and through the woods....hmmmm to Grandmother's house we go! Sorry, just couldn't resist!

Hey a duck snowman! He is missing his eyes Kevin!

Here we go, now he can see!

Ah yes, hubby built a snowman with glasses! Must be an "old" snowman!

Jan had to have a lady snow woman. Isn't she cute!

I'm sure the passersby later enjoyed our snow people & duck!
Oh boy, all that walking hubby needs to run to the outhouse!

Actually, it looks like a leisurely stroll!

Hope it's warm inside!

Hubby thought these would make cute pictures, I just added the lines!! We actually store a lot of bee things in the outhouse that hubby made. So is it a bee outhouse?


Madelief said...

Hi Ulrike,

You showed us pictures about the beehives before, but I did not realize they were yours!! It must be great to keep bees. It is one of the things my husband would like to do if het has a bit more time.

Your snowmen & woman made me laugh! It's always fun making them. Doesn't matter what age you are :-)!

Happy day!

Lieve groet,


Birgit said...

Dear Ulrike, you are glad about the snow. The snow looks so very nice on your pictures. On bird houses, he looks very pretty. We have here after months of permafrost and snow but so slowly enough. We want spring.
H&k, Birgit

comfrey cottages said...

too cute ulrike! what imaginative smow people and duck:) you are really having a good time with your snow:) sending you big herbal and honey hugs:)

Dianna said...

I love your snow pictures, Ulrike! The snow people are so cute...especially the duck and the one with glasses! Very creative.
Thanks for sharing with us.

Dianna said...

Thank you for stopping by today, Ulrike...and for sharing about how your daughter is doing now. I understand about blood thinners because of my mother. She had some blood clots also a few years ago. She has been on blood thinners since that time. I really pray that your daughter will be able to recall this stage of her life as "past" soon. But, it is as you shared in a comment the other day...life is precious!

Inspired Living Spaces said...

Hi Ulrike,
gosh you've had a lot of snow ... it's all so pretty but bet it's freezing cold too!!
thanks for stopping by my blog!
Gena @ Inspired Living Spaces

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