27 April 2009

Baking away

One of the many things that I have done in the past week was to bake some cakes and a pie for our local fire station. They have been really helpful to us in the past. When we were in Germany I took this cute picture from a bakery. My uncle was a baker and I can remember the cakes he use to bake. Mmm, mmm, good!!!! I'll have to try out a few german cake recipes; I'm sure the fire department would like it!!! as well as my hubby!!!!!!

Name of a rose

I can't believe I haven't posted in a while, but then again I have had very little computer time. Things have been really busy around here. Today I spent all day planting. When we first moved here I had a lot of my plants in pots. I mean a lot of pots. The reason why is that I had so many plants at the old house plus all of my roses that I just could not leave behind. Originally we were only going to stay here for a short while, but things change. Now I think it is time for my plants to go into the dirt!

By the way does anyone know the name of this rose? My grandmother gave a "piece" to my mom and she gave one to me. The bottom portion has thorns as well as the lower new shoots, grows about 5 feet tall, and has the best rose, and I mean rose fragrance.

14 April 2009

Oooooh, a space ship

Wow! So sorry I haven't posted in a while. My daughter came down with pneumonia last week, a really bad case of it so I have been helping her. I have heard of a lot of people having it too. Do you think the martians landed with a virus?!!!! LOL!!!!!
We came across this space ship looking house (and it actually has a martian in the window!!!) when we were on the Outer Banks of N.C.. My hubby heard one time that someone had manufactured some of these as the house of the future, but it never made it! I don't know if this was one of the ones manufactured though. Not something you would expect to see on a beach!!!

07 April 2009

Crystals from the sky

My hubby called from his work van today and told me that there were crystals falling from the sky. What a pretty way to call snowflakes! Of course that would have been nicer in January or February!!! Here in northeast Georgia we really don't see snow in April. Now in the Blue Ridge Mountains, N.C. a couple of hours from here you will.

Tonight we may get into the 20's. The big sheet of plastic covers this huge, and I mean huge azalea bush. I used some sheets to cover up some very pretty roses. One called a Pearl D'Ore which will bloom from early spring to the beginning of December!
The cat looks a little freaked out with sheets everywhere! I also took a tip from my grandmother when they have a freeze up in the mountains. She will take old pots and turn them over onto the plants. I did that with the lilies coming up.
Well, we shall see how cold we get tonight.

06 April 2009

This is Spring?!!!!

After having weather in the high 70's for a few weeks we are now in the 40's!!! Wow! What happened to spring? They say we may even have a few snow flurries, oh my goodness! I brought back in a lot of my potted plants that I over wintered. I have not planted anything in the garden except for potatoes, and they will be ok. I hope everything else will be ok as I have roses with tons of buds on them, dogwood trees blooming, and our huge wisteria. They say as long as the wind keeps blowing, and we certainly have had that with gusts 20-40, that the plants will not freeze. Let's hope so.

Dark clouds moving in....will it bring snow?

The first of the irises and some tulips

Don't these look like dinosaurs? They are the blueberry bushes that we covered up, and we also added extra cover on our hive boxes.

The wisteria up by my daughter's house. It would be a shame if it was to freeze as it has not been this pretty in a few years.
What's the weather like at your house?

02 April 2009

Thursday rain

We went back up to the mountains and the hospital again to see my uncle. He is in ICU, still as feisty as ever (especially with the nurses!), yet weak. I say more power to him at 92!!! The drive up was once again a rainy one, but what a difference a week or rather less than a week makes. The trees are putting out the spring green, and dogwoods are starting too. All of this rain has really helped our drought situation. They say more rain is on the way, but we can't complain. One good thing the grass seed we put out is also showing its' spring green. Now let's see if it can survive our hot summers.

Peach tree blossoms against the rainy sky (looks like a honeybee is in the flower!)
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