31 October 2009

Fall back

It's that time of year again....early am tomorrow we turn all of our clocks back.
Personally, I prefer the fall time since it is the correct time anyway. Glad I don't have to change this one!

Guess I'd better get busy setting all of the ones I have back!

30 October 2009

Seaside beauty in Sardinia

One of my German cousins is married to an Italian who is from Sardinia, Italy. Every year they go there since he still has family on that island. I'm hoping that one year they can fit us into their suitcase and take us along!!! This year Pino sent photos which I have made into a little scenary "post card". The water looks so beautiful there, a lot like the Carribean water. I could not believe the caves that they had right on the water's edge! Anyway, since once again, it is raining here, not complaining......, I thought that we could all sigh together.....and wish we were there!!!!
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Thanks again Pino for the photos! (you can click on the photo to enlarge if you wish)

29 October 2009

In town house

While looking through my Germany pictures I always come back to this picture that was taken in Hamburg. My cousin and I both agreed that we loved the ornate detail work on the outside, being painted white, and the huge glass windows for the patio too. It also looks like a little garden on the top of it. This one just caught my eye, it looks soooo Victorian....European? If I had to live in town this little spot would be perfect (of course my cousin Mona agrees). The little garden area for just a few special flowers, the glassed patio to sit and watch the world go by while enjoying a cup of tea or a glass of wine with friends.

Perhaps later we could go and sit by the lake and watch the sailboats...

Or take a brisk walk around

Whatever we would choose I'm sure going back home to the little place would be just as inviting inside as the outside........that's just the way I would picture it!

28 October 2009

Oooh, la la, look what I got!

I would love to paint if I had more time, and there are two blogs that I love to visit just to see what they have recently done. Erin at The Painted Garden always has such beautiful pictures. She takes a little from one picture, a little from another and puts them together for some truly beautiful paintings! I know she will have an Etsy shop opening soon, and I can't wait to see everything!!
The other blog is Fifi's Flowers. Fifi's paintings always have a French twist to them. I happened on one last week that she was doing for breast cancer awareness, and thought I just had to have it! I purchased the print and a set of note cards.

The envelopes match the card! Isn't that cute?

Here is a closeup of the print. I love hats, wine, and reading so I can't wait to put it in a frame.

By the way if you can drop by Erin at http://thepaintedgarden.blogspot.com she is getting together a group of artists and crafters to donate their art or craft for people with cancer to bring a little joy into their life. All the information is available on her blog. Sometimes it is just the little things in life that makes us happy in making others happy too. I give that one a big thumbs up!

27 October 2009

Fall Here

Have you ever had writer's block? Now I know what they mean when a writer says that they can sit there and just stare! My mind has been in a fog lately with everything going on, but things are starting to look brighter...at least for the time being!!!
So since I have not been able to get out and take some fall pictures lately I thought that I would share a few from previous years. These next few pictures are taken in the mountains of North Carolina, Highlands, N.C. to be exact. It is a really pretty area for any time of the year, but especially fall.

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These next few pictures are what I look out on every day. There are times when the trees are really blazing with color. We have been told by the weatherman with all the wacky type weather we have been having that the colors may not be as pretty this year. The leaves are falling fast, and we are having rain again today. Not complaining mind you as that means we will have a nice full well!

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Hope you enjoy all the colors from my part of the world!

25 October 2009

Every which way

All I can say about this past week is Whew! I have not been able to read or post at all, and if I have not even been able to read then you know it has been a crazy week!
For those of you who have asked and read previous posts about my daughter and the blood clots we finally got results this past Monday that all the 20 special tests that they ran all came back NEGATIVE!!!! Yeah!!!! We are so happy about that! The specialist does seem to think that birth control pills were almost 100% at fault, but of course they won't commit to that due to all the legal mumbo jumbo.
Then my father who has been having special chemo treatments for liver tumors (and if anyone is interested or knows someone with such problems I can give you a run down on how that all works and how they can really treat it) was not feeling that well. Then my ex-husband, my daughter's father, had open heart surgery on Thursday. Thank goodness he is in fairly good health as he has made it just fine through all of it. My daughter and I have been there every day, and my hubby has been taking care of the home front and me!!
For a little break my daughter and I went shopping at Kirklands on the way home from the hospital which was a big no no for me! They were having a great sale, so I'll have to show you later what I bought.
So I have been going every which way this past week. I guess every now and then these things happen, and we get a little stronger each time, but I for one will sure be glad when it gets back to normal!!

17 October 2009

Bath changes

One of the things I do is to change out my guest bathroom since when I have company it really is one of the rooms they do see! I take out the lace and flowers to transform it to more of the warm fall/winter time. Since I am running a little bit behind I thought I'd show you what my guests see in the summer.

It has been a very cold and wet day here, a good cup of tea sit in front of the fire/be lazy type day. So I never got around to changing it, but I'll be doing it soon!

15 October 2009


I loved all the ornate signs in Germany. It is so different and really stands out. There were signs advertising so many things such as restaurants, bars, antiques, etc.. Here are some of the signs that I took pictures of which I found interesting.

A closer look at this one. I believe it has the most detail. Notice them stirring the pot, and the lady and gentleman at the table!

I know a long, long, time ago they use to advertise like that here. I wish they still would because I believe it has a lot of charm to it!

12 October 2009

Float away

Ok, we are having a heavy rain again with 2-4 inches predicted. The last heavy rain we had with the flooding to the west did not do too much here. This time I believe the ground is so saturated that we are getting quite a bit of flooding.
Here are some pictures of the bridge not too far from our house. (I had to run out to the store, and I happened to look out over the bridge. Good thing I brought my camera!)

I think that if we got more rain it would only take another 5-7 feet and it would be over the bridge. At least we are on top of the hill!

10 October 2009

Hamburg flea market

Before we went over to Germany I told my cousin Ramona that I wanted to go to a German flea market. I thought that it would be different, and I wanted to check out the prices of things. We found out that prices there are much higher than the ones we have been to over here. I spent too much time looking, and not enough time taking pictures! Don't know what was wrong with me that day! So, here are a few pictures that hubby and my cousin's husband took.

Hubby found some big spoon used for melting and pouring.

I did not realize that hubby had taken this picture, but I just love it!! I like the way it looks with the railing, the buildings on the side, fall colors, and the river. It is one of my favorite pictures. Now if you look closely at the top next to that blue/white ginger jar you will see another container. This has a castle on the top and Rhineland pictures all around it. I just had to have it, and my cousin knew the lady so she was able to bargain with her. I believe it could also be as soup container as it has a slot for a spoon.

I carried that home in my carry on luggage as I was so afraid that it might get broken. Of course you should have seen their faces as it went through the xray machine!!! I didn't realize until later after seeing that picture there was a female statue on the table. Oh well, maybe next time.

08 October 2009

Fried Pickles Anyone?

Today was a run around doctor day. I had to have my ears check since I felt like I had vertigo again or something. Turns out seasonal allergies make your ears go hay wire! I swore that if I had a doctor say again, well, you are at that age now I'd scream!! What is it? A woman hits a certain age and doctors think they can use that as an excuse or what?! Anyway.....then my daughter and I had to venture back to the hospital for her weekly visits to make sure her blood is neither too thin or too thick. Since it was nearing lunch time and neither one of us had any breakfast I suggested going to Ge Ge's. The whole time she was in the hospital I thought that if I had a good break I would try the food there. Never made it till today. All I have to say is YUMMY!!!
Here's Lori with her to go box.

I had the Shrimp Po Boy sandwich and Lori had the chicken salad croissant sandwich. Both were very good.

Oh, and my absolute fav! Why fried pickles! They had it with a ranch jalapeno sauce, oh so good.
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Now I know the south is famous for a lot of fried foods. Fried chicken, fried squash, fried okra, but fried pickles? Believe me once you taste it, you'll love it! Now if I can just find the recipe.....

07 October 2009


Last year when we arrived in northern Germany my aunt had our room all ready, and my cousin had put out the chocolate and little bottles of wine for us. It was all so pretty. The one thing that I found so thoughtful and loving was after coming back from one of our day trips I found a rose on the ledge put there by my cousin. She said it was her last rose of the summer.
So my blogger friends I am passing it on to you......The Last Rose of Summer


06 October 2009

Nights in the fall

Another night of cool temperatures and rain drops on the roof. What better place to be than in front of the fire, a glass of wine, and perhaps one of those really old, old good movies on tv.
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04 October 2009

92 years young

Today my grandmother is 92 years young. As she puts it she never thought that she would live to this age! When I was a child and we would head for the mountains of North Carolina (no matter where we were) my grandmother would always be busy with her hillside of flowers. I believe that is one reason why she has remained "young"! She raised nine children, and when I think of families today who say they have it hard with one or two I just shake my head. My German grandparents had eight children. Those times were full of hardship, very little money, and in the case of my German grandparents, a war right at their front door.
I don't know if I will make it to that age, but I know one thing, if I do I want to be known as that young thing!!
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(Credit to Mary for the above picture)
Four generations below.
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03 October 2009

If I could have I would have

It is that time of year again to start planting flower bulbs. I have had so many irons in the fire this week that I have not been able to get to my favorite nursery outlet. I have seen online all the flower bulbs and other things, and I am itching to get my hands in the dirt so come spring I can look out my window and sigh.
However, I about died when I saw all of these bulbs over in Bremen. Oh my goodness! That is a flower lovers heaven!! There were so many to choose from! Just look at all of these.

And of course they had the mums and other things out.

Look at all the heide/heather you could buy! The pink, purple and white....

I would have brought a ton of it home if I could have! So, I guess next week I have to purchase some and see what I can find online too.
I pick up the neighbors today from the airport, and I can't wait to hear their stories of Germany and Holland!
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