21 March 2013

Starting seeds faster

My computer is fixed!  Woo hoo!  Although I don't have it set up yet because I got......sick.  Yep, that doozy of a bug that just knocks you out kind of sick.  I am so far behind on everything it is ridiculous.  I need to change my header since spring is finally here although this morning the south is really cold, and it still feels like winter!  Anyway, I have been looking at seed catalogs, pinterest, facebook, blogs, you know the story.  I came upon this great article by Botanical Interest Seed.  I am posting the link to it.  This is one I will definitely try out because I need all the help I can get!  Hopefully I will get photos published of how it works for me.  Let me know if you try it too!

15 March 2013

For all you honeybee lovers

This is a super interesting article!  I had to share with all of you who have honeybees.  It definitely shows the length that people will go to for honey, and their knowing how important honey is for their bodies.

The neighbors have my computer almost finished, unfortunately it takes longer when you have a friend work on it in their spare time.  I will be so happy to have it back and be able to download all of my photos again plus change my header!  I'm off to make breakfast and then work in the yard today as it is suppose to be a pretty day!

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