27 May 2011

Singing in the Rain

Singing in the Rain.....no not me, but isn't this the cutest?!  I took this at my grandmother's house last year.
I didn't take any photos yesterday, but this is what it looked like......Rain!
Thank goodness we have finally gotten some rain so it can help my plants as there is nothing as good as rain water.

The above photos were taken last year, and these below are from this year.  This is a comfrey plant that I got from a sweet blogging friend Leslie at http://comfreycottages.blogspot.com/

And here are a few others that have been blooming lately

I have been busy outside planting like a mad gardening woman! I have so many things that are coming out of the greenhouse which I hope will make it when planted. So many things can hinder the poor seedlings.
Today we may get a little more rain, but other than that it should be a beautiful weekend. Hope all of you have a great Memorial Day weekend, and a beautiful one!

19 May 2011

Backyard Roses

I love these roses in my backyard. 
They are both from my grandmother, the pink one via my mom, and the red one is when my grandmother was pruning so she threw them down the hill.  I promptly gathered the clippings up, took them home, and they grew.  By the way, the red one is still in the pot from our move 7 years ago!  I have got to start taking them out of pots, but they are pretty well rooted by now I would assume. This red one blooms to frost, and I don't know the name of it either.

I am not sure of the name of this pink one.  If anyone knows please tell me.  It might be Belinda's Dream. This rose blooms basically once, and then it is over.  The smell......heavenly!

As you can see it is very tall, and almost makes an arbor.  After it blooms I cut it back as it always snags hubby's cap.  It does grow excellent from cuttings, I have another one up the hill by my daughter. Oh, it also has lovely rose hips too.

I just love these roses!

17 May 2011

Strawberry field

You don't want to see my strawberry "field" since as of right now it is under cover with grass and weeds!  We are moving the garden more downhill so thinking about what is up the hill is well out of sight, out of mind. Then I thought that my strawberries would be coming in next month....well, surprise!
My son-in-law was walking around the back yard when he spotted the strawberries, and he proceeded to pick a whole bucket full. So, I decided to check on them and my lavender which needed to be spruced up a bit mainly getting rid of the grass growing around the lavender plants. I'm thinking of leaving them where they are as they are huge, and have always done well in that spot.
I picked these yesterday, don't they look yummy? There are still more to pick though they are not ripe yet. I guess the grass is hiding them from the birds! So another task to put on my list....to make a new strawberry patch down the hill. Looks like it is going to be a busy season!

14 May 2011

Let's share a coke!

Coca Cola celebrated 125 years a few weeks ago, and it was on our list of places to visit when my cousin's son was here.  I just love this picture!

They have so many signs, and it is really a must see if you are in the Atlanta area.

All the different posters from over the years
Now how did that "new girl" get in there?!

A really neat thing is that all the different countries decorated coke bottles to represent their country.

So many vending styles through the years

Of course, I had to take picture of the German one!

I love the lady in red!
After the tour you are able to sample all of the cokes and coke products from around the world.  Then we were give a coca cola in a bottle which I think tastes the best! Congratulations coca cola on 125 years!

09 May 2011

Check out this rose

Remember this rose from last year?  The one growing in a pot?
This year it is totally covered in blooms, and the smell is heavenly! I believe it has gotten bigger too. It starts blooming in the early spring to the killing frost in December. Its name?......Pearl D'Ore.

04 May 2011

Georgia Aquarium

While  my cousin's 16 year old son from Germany was over here visiting us one of the places that we took him was to the Georgia Aquarium in downtown Atlanta.  I have been on the go so much while he was here that I have not had very much time to blog let alone get all of my photos together for you to see.  So forgive me for not getting them to you sooner, but this entertaining a 16 year old is rough!  They do have energy at that age! The Georgia Aquarium has been open for a few years, but this was my first visit too so it was quite enjoyable.  So, let the show begin!
My daughter and her hubby
Marcello looking up overhead.  All I could say was I hope this is strong enough!
See the gigantic whale to the left of the sting ray? That thing was huge!
The fish here in the front was quite comical looking!
The penguins were Marcello's favorite!
You could actually crawl underneath them and pop up in this little cubicle to take photos!
Oh, how I love sea horses! They are so pretty! I remember wanting to order some from the comic books just so I could have some of my very own.  Now that is a long, long, time ago!
The jellyfish all different colors
These had some type of glow light on them
This was interesting.  You stood underneath this, and if you look closely you can see where it mimics a wave in the ocean.  Pretty cool.
So many pretty colors that you never get to see
Different colored star fish
At the end you were able to touch stingrays and star fish.
If you are ever in the Atlanta area, and want a fun, interesting thing to do, check out the Georgia Aquarium which is suppose to be the largest in the world.  Then right next door is the Coca Cola museum.  Coca cola got its start here in Atlanta too.
Oh, and just another note to my previous post....Anke and her family came out ok through the tornado outbreak although most of her subdivision was destroyed.  We are so thankful that they are safe!
Hope you enjoyed the trip to the Georgia Aquarium!
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