25 March 2016

Lady Banks Rose Growing

I love spring!  I love seeing all the green and the color again.  I know I have said it before, actually my last post, but I am so happy to see the signs of spring.  The bluebirds are going full blast looking at their home from last year.  The male saying come on in to the female this will be a good home again.  They raised two batches last year.
So, when I first planted my Lady Banks Rose my hubby said to me, oh, it will take years and years before it will go over this arbor.  Little did he know......
It has covered the arbor, and see the yellow in the tree?  That is the rose!  It goes even higher than that too.  I love this little rose, so dainty and so very pretty (with no thorns).  Alas, it is only a spring blooming one so I enjoy it while I can.

Do any of you have this rose?  If so, how big is the one you have?  I have heard they can cover a house!  Till next time....
Wishing all of you a wonderful holiday weekend!

23 March 2016

Spring into spring!

I thought that spring would never get here or that February would finally be over.  Mid to late January until spring has always been the when is it going to get here type thing for me.  I want to see color!  Of course, I say the same thing every year.
February for us brought:

Light snow after having temps in the 70's and then buckets of rain; so much of it that it was flooding our yard front, back, chickens were learning to be ducks!
This winter had been crazy around here as the fall started out with in October constant, constant rain.  Every, single, day.  The picture above is nothing compared to the rain we got then.  What did all that rain lead too?  Mildew, everywhere.  Then to top it all off we had a leak behind our master bath.  Oh, what fun we had.  Hubby has been telling everyone how much harder he is working now since he retired!
I will tell you the best investment for us was a dehumidifier.  It was like a giant vacuum which I am ever so thankful for it.  Fall cleaning turned into fall, winter, spring cleaning around here.  My new best friends became, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, tea tree oil, and grapefruit seed extract.  I so dislike chemicals, and yes, we do have a few around here though I am still trying to get rid of them.  Those four items worked the best, ever! on mildew.  Thank goodness for my new washer and dryer as they got a workout.  Well, the dryer not so much as the fifth best friend is good ol' sunshine.
So now we have spring and with it comes the on again off again temperatures, but at least we have color!  My tulips came up along with a variety of daffodils.

The dogwoods are blooming, the red bud trees, forsythia has come and gone, but it is so nice to have spring here again!  Of course now comes that one thing that I think we all say a bad word to and that is my car is green from all this pollen!  Hope all of you are enjoying your start to spring.

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