18 September 2011

Georgia GuideStones aka American Stone Hedge

Back in the early part of the year our next door neighbors family came down for a visit on their way to Florida. We love getting together with them as they are like family to us too.  Jan and her 88 year old mother
are always on the go, and they both love to garden which is why I probably have so much fun with them.  Plus when they are in town they always cook up a spread.  Can you imagine being on vacation and cooking for everyone?  They do, and man can they cook!  So Jan had read about the Georgia Guide Stones aka American Stone Hedge.  I had never heard of it before, the other one yes, but not this one.
It is located in Elberton County, Georgia about 90 miles east of Atlanta.  They stand almost 20 feet tall, and were made with local granite.  (Speaking of local granite, did you know that Georgia granite was used for a lot of the buildings in Washington, D.C.?)  On these "tablets" there are eight languages:  English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, and Russian. 

Here Jan up north as we affectionately call her (she's from Wisconsin) since our next door neighbor is also named Jan; is pointing to the hole in the center tablet. 

If you enlarge this you may be able to read  it.

There is also a mystery surrounding the way this was built.  The story goes that a man went to the local bank with the proposal of building the stonehedge.  He had the money for it, but he wanted all of it to be hush, hush as to his funding it.  He swore the banker to secrecy.  Although a name was given it is suppose to be a false one.  Another curious thing is that there is also a time capsule buried next to the Guide Stones.  If you would like to learn more here is a link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georgia_Guidestones that could give you that information.
Even though I have lived in this state for a long time it took an out-of-towner's curiosity for me to see it.  Sometimes you never know what you have in your own back yard!

16 September 2011

What my summer garden produce looked like

Here it is
Yes, this is pretty much all I received this year. Sad, I know, tearful, I know.  We had such  a crazy hot, humid, no rain summer this year.  We put together a new garden  with several different bed areas in it.  Lots of fresh dirt, and I pulled any speck of weed that I found, and kept it watered too. So sad.  I planted so many different veggies.  That squash which is a Galeux d'Eysines, should have weighed 10-15 pounds, and as you can see it was probably a little bigger than a baseball.  It was the only one that survived, and I wish I could say it tasted lovely, however, it was bad on the inside.  All the varieties of squash that I planted got tons of blooms yet each one got this strange fungus on it, and then the bloom dropped off. Beans grow great here, no beans.  It's enough to make a person cry although the weird thing is you could go down the road a ways where someone had a great garden.  Go down another mile or so you would find a garden like mine. Squash and beans always do great here, but definitely not this year.
This has  been one of those summers.  We had planned a vacation up north to visit family in Connecticut, but Hurricane Irene took care of that vacation. Fortunately the flooding did not reach their house only their street. The heat here in Georgia was not the greatest although I should be thankful that it was not like Texas.  We are finally getting some cool weather so I believe it is giving me extra energy to do things again.
So, now that I am feeling better with things I'll be getting back to reading every one's blogs, and posting more than I have this whole summer.  Plus I'll show you a few things that I have been doing around the house.  I have taken my office apart, painted, re-organized, gotten rid of clutter, etc..  I am also starting a fall garden, let's hope it does better than the summer one!  Now let me get this one posted, cook some supper, and then get busy blog reading........I have a lot of catching up to do!  If you see 20+comments you know I've been by!
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