21 February 2011

Indigo Night

It is not often that one can capture a night sky that presents itself with such a color or at least not one that I have ever seen.  Last year when we went to Monticello up in the mountains of Virginia we visited a beer brewery where they also served food.  As we walked outside I was so thankful to have my camera with me to capture the sky, the clouds, and to marvel at such a color, so different, not the usual reds, oranges, and pinks.

  Indigo Night....don't you agree that's the perfect name for it?!

18 February 2011

Moonshadow, moonshadow

Do you remember that song? I believe Cat Stevens sung it back in the 70's. Well, we have had a very bright, full moon these past few days.  The woods are lit up with shadows from the moon shining so brightly, and the critters in the woods are having a ball running here and there.  So, when I think of that song I think of this plant except I say
Moonflower, moonflower!  Is it not gorgeous?  This flower was huge with an extra bonus....the smell was divine....like an exotic perfume that you want to follow.  This one vine grew perhaps 10 feet so it showed off a lot of flowers.  I took quite a few seeds from it, and I am hoping that they will do well this year.  It is one vine that I definitely want to have again even if the flowers do show off at night like the bright moon in the sky!

16 February 2011

The Look

Hey, I know the feeling
Don't mess with me, I'm having a bad hair day!

10 February 2011

I love a book store!

See that chair?  It looks like the perfect spot for me!  The garden books are close at hand, flowers on the table, the only thing else required would be a good cup of tea!
This was taken last year in Asheville when I met up with fellow bloggers.  They had a book store attached to the antique store.  Browse a little, read a little, sounds like a good set up to me!

04 February 2011

What goes on during a moonlit night

The moon lies half way hidden by the shadows of the clouds
Slowly coming through
Till its brightness shines through
To light the stillness of the woods
Whoa! she cries as her eyes light up the night as the camera captures Prissy
I'm so shy....
We're not!  Woo Hoo.. Party!  Where's the food?
What was that?!   (Prissy)         
Stomp, stomp, stomp  Ladies....Here I am (The Buck)
Oh boy food!
Right, and we are suppose to be impressed? (Missy)
He's gone (Prissy)
Good thing too.  Leaves more for us Missy says as she eats away
*Flash* Not again cries Prissy.  Hey wait a minute (deer in headlight look)....I'm going to be in pictures!
Na na na I'm going to be in pictures!
A pose to the left....which I think is my best side
A pose to the right.  I don't look bad here either!
Hey boys!  We're getting entertainment tonight too!
Quit the fooling around calls back Missy.  We got to get home before morning.
Oh alright, but just ONE more
Smile!  You're on woodland camera!

02 February 2011

Snow bound bees

This has been a crazy winter here in the south.  I mean as a teenager this was known as Hot 'Lanta!  The winters are usually mild around here, don't get me wrong, I love, love seeing snow.  I worry about our bees though.  I had hubby put bubble wrap on the bee hives along with the usual tar paper he uses back in the late fall when we were getting cold weather.  At first he didn't want to, but I'm suspecting after all the protesting he is glad it was done.
This hive did not make it  After our close to 70 degrees this past weekend the bees were busy robbing what was left in the hive.  That's ok they need it more than we do so they can survive.
These two are part of our newer hives.
This is where we usually sit when the weather is nice to clean out the bee boxes, add new wax, etc.  It is much easier doing it here as I swear it feels like they cement the frames together so you really have to scrape to get it clean!
So, after the beautiful weekend we are back to cold winds and rain.  I know up north bloggers are laughing as to the winter we have, and believe me right now I feel real sorry for you guys! All that snow through so many states....yet I'll take snow over ice, and ice is what they are predicting in the next day or so.  No wonder people are feeling poorly, hot, cold, hot, cold.  Though I must say one thing.  To those people I saw in the grocery store with tank tops, short shorts, and flips flops....we are not in southern Florida!  Weather can change real quick.  Can you tell this head cold is making me a little feisty?!!
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