29 January 2010

Which way do you go?

Which way do you go? North, south, east or west? Left or right?

That is the way my week has been! I found this photo in the gigantic stash, and thought it was perfect for the way my week has gone. We have had several days of nice weather, and now they have winter storm warnings with the possibility of ice. I'd take the snow over ice that's for sure!

24 January 2010

Duct egg

A little humor from some old photos on this super rainy day. This is what you get when hubby finds a cracked egg.

Like I said before once a maintenance man always a maintenance man!

22 January 2010


Once in a blue moon I might go to the spa. Hubby knows that it's a once in a blue moon favorite so he got a gift certificate this past year for me; knowing it is not one of those things that I will run out and do. I don't know why since it is a great stress reliever. Last year I had my back lock up on me so do I spend more money for doctor bills to try and find out why I have this knot in my shoulders knowing stress played a big part or relaxation.
After doing a few things around the house this evening I go into the living room and this is what I find

Candle lit, magazine in place, wine glass, and a little bottle of wine placed in a soup bowl full of ice. Way too cute! Now I'm off to have a little amount of wine, not too much after the spa, put my feet up, and look through the gorgeous pictures in the magazine!
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21 January 2010

Beauty and danger

Many moons ago when hubby and I were dating we (along with my daughter) took a trip to Charleston. There is a plantation garden in the area (don't ask the name, it has been ages! Another reason to write on back of photos!!). Here are a few I came across the other day.
It looks so still and serene, doesn't it?

Another bridge along the walk path. Even the swampy water has beauty added to it.

But don't get too close to the water's edge, oh no, don't, because danger lurks there in the waters. Blending in, sunning, just waiting.

Closer to the house you will find an animal that will alert you to danger. Here is one in its full glory. Although it was taken in the shade, I remember waiting a while to capture it.

One resting on the fence watching the other strut around!

Curiosity overcame me and I checked for the name of this place. It is called Audubon Swamp Garden at Magnolia Plantation. It sits on 60 acres with cypress and tupelo in the dark still waters. There are boardwalks and bridges everywhere that will take you around so you can see all the different animals and birds that live in and along the swamp. I think that it is time to venture to Charleston later this spring to visit all the different places. And did you know that the area also has a tea plantation? Now I would really like to explore that!

No photos

Apparently something is going on with blogger and picasa. I keep getting an error on trying to upload my photos right now. It's not just me, because I researched it. Has anyone figured out a way to get around it? Or does anyone know of another program that works better? Does anyone use photoshop? It could be blogger or it could be picasa, who knows, but it is really frustrating!!! Especially after you scan some photos! Oh well. I'll keep trying.

18 January 2010

Water front faces

Here is another oldie picture. It was pretty faded so I had to play around with it some in order for it to show up. I believe this was taken in either the 30's or early 40's. When I look at these photos it makes me realize that I really should write information on my own photo. So all you bloggers out there....has anyone seen this before? I am very curious as to where this place is, and I am assuming California, but I could be wrong.
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The faces are so different, and I'm not sure if there is a statue on top or a lady posing!!! Anyhow, if anyone knows please pass it on!!

17 January 2010

Arm stand post

Have you ever had one of those blah, blah, blah days? These past few days seems to be one for me. I rummage around my pictures thinking what can I post? Everyone has such gorgeous pictures, and I love looking at all of them. So, I needed something a little interesting and decided to hit the "stash" (meaning all the photos left behind for me to sort through since no one else wanted to do it. That's ok, I get first dibs!!)
I was looking for this one picture that I had come across not too long ago. Do you ever do that? Go back through old pictures, and before you know it the room is dark?!! Well, I could not find it, no wonder when you see all the photos I have to go through! Yet I did find this one....I call it the Arm Stand Post!

This was hubby's aunt in the picture. They look like parrots. Can you imagine standing still with your arms out stretched, (she even has one on her head!!) and having a photo taken? Now that is one cool photo!

14 January 2010

Waiting your turn

We have several feeders at our house which is very important during the winter along with the water for our little feathered friends. Just thought you would like to see some that are hanging out at my house.

11 January 2010

What people throw away

It always amazes me what people will throw away. One day early last year hubby came home with another as he calls it "freebie of the day". I could not believe what he brought in! Someone had spray painted an orange color on it, and white on the corner. Plus there was a piece of the wood missing too. Do you want it he asked? Now what kind of a question was that? Of course I wanted it!!!

He had to go back and look for the drawers since they were thrown out separately.

And then he found this chair that I'm assuming went along with it.

Look at the feet!

So, I finally brought it out of my craft room and put it into my office along with my other desk. I had to move some things around, but I believe it will work just fine. I love natural wood, I really do, but I have been debating about painting this one. I know that this desk is pretty well made as the drawers are all done in a tongue and groove with no nails. The seat needs a new cover, no problem, but since he repaired the wood on the top and side I have been thinking of painting it. Plus he added those white knobs since it did not come with the drawer pulls which I'm sure I could find some that would look good later on.
I have been so busy rearranging things in the house, and also my cabinets! (Thanks to my daughter who has been telling me how she has been cleaning out hers) Things were just piling up too much in them so they needed to be cleaned out and re-done. Of course since I took the desk out of the craft room area, and changed the furniture around in there I now have a lot more room. Of course I also have a ton of plants sitting in there too since it has been toooo cold to even think of leaving them outside.
Anyway, now not only do I have some other cabinets to paint (yes, I still haven't done those!!), but probably unless I strip it and refinish it, I will have a desk to paint too! At least while it's cold I don't feel guilty being inside!!

08 January 2010

A little of this

Last night brought a little cold rain, sleet, and a light dusting. The morning awakens to a little of this

and I found this....peeking their heads out, of course much too soon

and the rays of sunshine streaming down

will slowly melt it all away.

07 January 2010


White birds, white flowers, white lace, white cherub, white lights, white sugar powder on apple pie (YUM!)

but so far no white snow.....sigh

05 January 2010

Made a long, long time ago

I was going through "stuff" the other day trying to get my "craft" room organize, and came across this purse that I had made. With another birthday coming up this weekend it made me realize how old this really is!!!!
Being a military kid when my father had to go tdy overseas for a long period we would go to Germany. One of those times my brother and I opted to go to a German school instead of a long train ride to an English speaking school. Plus the school was not that far away, and I could play with my cousins too!! As here in the states many, many moons ago when they use to have home economics they also had it in school there and may still have it. I learned how to crochet, (I made a purse too, bright colors whoa!)and embroider. We left before I could learn how to knit which I wish I could do.

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As I look at this purse now it is amazing. All of it was done by hand. First you picked your colors, I chose blue fabric probably because the red thread would pop. Then you had to pull out the threads from the fabric in order to do the stitches. Before you even started you had to make a sample, which I still have too. There are many different stitches in it, and I can't even remember all the names. If anyone knows please tell me, I'd appreciate it. After all the stitching was done the lining was sewn on by hand. The button loops are also done by hand.
I did notice some spots on it as this has traveled many roads, and if someone knows of a good spot remover that won't harm the fabric, please let me know.
I don't know if they still teach things like this or not in this day of modern technology, but I think in many ways it is a wonderful work of art. It gives you time to think as you are doing it, and if you are in a class a time to interact with others. Plus if someone needs a little help on a stitch you can help each other.
I'll have to dig out the purse I crocheted, and when I say wild colors, I do mean wild! Is there something that you made a long, long, time ago?

04 January 2010

Cold, exercise, and feel good moment

It is 19 degrees outside! Brrrrrrr They said that it is going to get even colder, and that by Thursday we should have snow! HA! I'll believe that one when I see it! Hubby called the gas man this morning bright and early so hopefully we will get fixed up before too much longer.
I dragged out the old stair stepper since I didn't feel like leaving the nice "warm" house, and while I was on it I watched a little tv. Kind of reminded me of the old gym days! There is a program that comes on called the Bonnie Hunt show which I catch every now and then, but I'm really not much of a tv person. I watch the news, home and garden, shopping channel just to see what they might tempt me with which is nothing these days, and if they have it really good old movies with the women dressed in those fabulous styles. So anyway, I caught the end of the program which is called

Feel Good Moment of the Day - BonnieHunt.com

and I knew that I just had to share it with you! Just click above and watch, it will give you a laugh and your smile for the day!!!

03 January 2010

Frugal heat

Oh it has been so cold here, but not as cold as up north. During the day it has been in the 30's and at night in the teens! For us here in the south, that's cold! I changed my header, after all it is January, but the "snow" pictures are from last winter.
Speaking of cold we have been using our fireplace like crazy since we are really, really low on gas. My daughters' tank needs to be fixed which requires for it to be almost empty, and I do mean empty, like five percent left. At the time our tank was not too bad, so we decided to wait and have everything filled at once. The good and the bad is the super, duper new unit we put in at her place last year has her tank lasting longer while our tank ate it up! So of course being new years weekend we discovered how low can you go!!! We are not out yet thank goodness! I am pretty frugal when it comes to all sorts of things including heat. Your cold? Put another sweater on! Throw another blanket on!
So, hubby has prepared us with plenty of firewood, camp stove, etc., just in case......., but for me Monday can't get here soon enough! The good thing though is for once I'm staying put in front of the fireplace, zoning out on tv movies, and being able to finally catch once again some good pirate movies! Not the Johnny Depp ones, although I must say I can watch those often, but the good oldies with Maureen O'Hara, ahhh now those were pirate movies!
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