26 February 2013

Life flashing before the eyes

I saw this commercial about a week ago, but could not find it on youtube until just recently.  This is the cutest commercial that I have seen lately!  My computer is almost fixed and then I can load all my photos back onto it; I just have to wait a little longer since the neighbor is fixing it for me, and then I will get back to sharing pics.  In the meantime enjoy this commercial!

15 February 2013

Computer revival

Ok, I've always heard the good Lord will only give you as much as you can handle.  So far I have been dealing lately with executor stuff with my father's will and all the legal mumbo jumbo that has gone with it. (yes, still dealing with it big time)  Hopefully it will be over soon.  Now, my computer has gone off the deep end, I mean really bad so off it went to the neighbor "kid" to be worked on. He may be able to revive it.  Then I pull out an old, old, old computer of my dad's that he gave to me ions ago, and it is so slow as molasses! That will go into the "shop" too, but I need to pull off all the old photos.  Thank goodness I had already downloaded the others off of mine.  Now my laptop is thinking about giving me fits.  I have used it more than ever lately as I'm not too fond of it.  I like a regular keyboard.  Plus this laptops battery runs down fast.  Can you hear me screaming all the way across the pond?
Until I have all of the above settled, and my photos safe and sound, I guess I will share what I find elsewhere such as pinterest, etc.., and some really good blogs that I'd like to share.  I've had every good intention with blogging, but things have just been getting in the way of it lately.
At least I did a post, and I noticed I still have photos as I thought they would all be gone too.  Guess I better not say that too loud!
Now I'm off to see what I can find.  Have a good weekend!
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