25 March 2016

Lady Banks Rose Growing

I love spring!  I love seeing all the green and the color again.  I know I have said it before, actually my last post, but I am so happy to see the signs of spring.  The bluebirds are going full blast looking at their home from last year.  The male saying come on in to the female this will be a good home again.  They raised two batches last year.
So, when I first planted my Lady Banks Rose my hubby said to me, oh, it will take years and years before it will go over this arbor.  Little did he know......
It has covered the arbor, and see the yellow in the tree?  That is the rose!  It goes even higher than that too.  I love this little rose, so dainty and so very pretty (with no thorns).  Alas, it is only a spring blooming one so I enjoy it while I can.

Do any of you have this rose?  If so, how big is the one you have?  I have heard they can cover a house!  Till next time....
Wishing all of you a wonderful holiday weekend!

23 March 2016

Spring into spring!

I thought that spring would never get here or that February would finally be over.  Mid to late January until spring has always been the when is it going to get here type thing for me.  I want to see color!  Of course, I say the same thing every year.
February for us brought:

Light snow after having temps in the 70's and then buckets of rain; so much of it that it was flooding our yard front, back, chickens were learning to be ducks!
This winter had been crazy around here as the fall started out with in October constant, constant rain.  Every, single, day.  The picture above is nothing compared to the rain we got then.  What did all that rain lead too?  Mildew, everywhere.  Then to top it all off we had a leak behind our master bath.  Oh, what fun we had.  Hubby has been telling everyone how much harder he is working now since he retired!
I will tell you the best investment for us was a dehumidifier.  It was like a giant vacuum which I am ever so thankful for it.  Fall cleaning turned into fall, winter, spring cleaning around here.  My new best friends became, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, tea tree oil, and grapefruit seed extract.  I so dislike chemicals, and yes, we do have a few around here though I am still trying to get rid of them.  Those four items worked the best, ever! on mildew.  Thank goodness for my new washer and dryer as they got a workout.  Well, the dryer not so much as the fifth best friend is good ol' sunshine.
So now we have spring and with it comes the on again off again temperatures, but at least we have color!  My tulips came up along with a variety of daffodils.

The dogwoods are blooming, the red bud trees, forsythia has come and gone, but it is so nice to have spring here again!  Of course now comes that one thing that I think we all say a bad word to and that is my car is green from all this pollen!  Hope all of you are enjoying your start to spring.

26 January 2016

Little mouse in the fridge

Oh, it has been so long that I am just so excited!  I have been saving for a long time for a new washer, dryer, and refrigerator.  When my mother-in-law passed away some 9 or 10 years ago we moved into her place which was only suppose to be a temporary situation until we found what we really wanted.  Years later we are still here, but that is ok as with the way this economy has been going it just worked out better for us.  All, well almost all, the fridge was 10 years old, but the washer and dryer were over 25 years old.  Let me tell you something.  If that washer had not started breaking apart so to speak, I would still be using it; don't get me wrong as it still works so it is going into my daughter's old place for now as that new one went kaput.  Many years ago it went on the blitz and I thought then I would be getting a new one, but it kept on truckin! I will use something to the very last, but as for that fridge.....I hated that fridge.
I was very surprised to find out later that it was something like 22 or 23 cubic feet, but I did not care as I dislike that fridge.  Why?  It was a side by side.  Why on earth my mother-in-law who loved to cook and share food bought it I will never know.  I believe a friend talked her into it as it came with an ice water dispenser.  No matter, did I tell you how much I disliked it?  Any holiday, any party, could I fit food in it? Nooooo.  
So last summer I started looking and almost bought the appliances, but I am the type of person that needs to think on it.  Have I been thinking for years, yes, but no matter this was money going out the door which is one of those things I really need to think about.  The last fridge I bought was over 20 years ago and it is still working (knock on wood) in my daughter's old place.
One of the things my hubby and I did in November was appliance shopping, he went twice, and that was enough for him!  Haha!  I knew that I wanted the freezer on the bottom for sure, and I could have gone with a single door, but hubby fell in love with this one.
Ta Dah!
Of course refrigerators have grown in size so one of the hubby to do chores was to raise our cabinets over the fridge.
So what about the little mouse in the fridge?  Well, it's a joke.  By the time we put the food from the side by side into this one it was still empty!  I went around telling people that the little mouse was standing there in the fridge with fork and knife in hand asking where all the food was!
And my washer and dryer?  The washer is different, no agitator, so that is strange for me though I do like it.  The dryer I have only used a few times.  What can I say?  I am still a clothes line kinda gal!

23 January 2016

Wish it could have been more

One of the things about living in the south is the lack of snow especially here in Georgia unless you live further up in North Georgia which really for us is only about an hour away.  Now my relatives in North Carolina definitely got the snow, and my cousin in D.C. well, stay warm!
I will probably get out for a walk about later just to see if I can get a good picture somewhere, but for now this is what I am looking at out my front door.
Well, the winter is still young, and maybe I can wish for a little bit more!

22 January 2016

I have heard it before

Yes, I have heard it before.  They say when the husband retires he is not sure what to do with himself. 
Well, mine decided that he and the dog were going to take it easy, after all, he worked 30 years with this one job and he decided that he could use a little time off.  This was at the end of October so the holidays kept us quite busy with family coming in plus going to visit family too. 
Now for people that know us they understand we rarely slow down, and certainly not my hubby.  He gets bored if he is not doing something, and fortunately for me he has his barn so he is outside most of the time messing with who knows what so that is ok.  The only thing different for me is now I eat  breakfast, lunch and dinner with him so that schedule has changed. 
During the holidays we went shopping together which was kind of fun, and he would take over the buggy and push, a little weird for me, but hey whatever.  Holidays over, and if I want to go out he has started coming along or asks if I might want to go with him.  Well, ok.  Then it came.   The pushing the buggy part.  We were shopping at Aldi (my favorite store), and I am looking at some things deciding what to buy.  With my decision made, item in hand, I turn back around and buggy and hubby are gone.  Hey!  Back over here!  I need to put these things in the buggy!
Then just the other day we were at another store, and I asked if we needed paper towels as they were 10 for $10.  Um, no, they are 69 cents at Aldis.  Haha!  Now I have a comparison shopper!  Gotta love it!
So yes, there have been a few changes around here, but I must say I do like having him home.  We have been working on a lot of things around here, but that is another post.  One thing I can say which is what I have heard from other wives over the years; if he starts rearranging my canned goods....Houston, we have a problem!

01 January 2016

A Happy New Year to All

The new year has begun once again.  Wow!  So many things happened this past year with so many changes the biggest one being my hubby is now retired as of the end of October!  Now that is quite a change for me too.  So, new year's resolutions are now in place again, and blogging is going to be a big challenge for me as it has been forever.  I am determined to do it!

Since this is the first day it will be the first of blogging, maybe not 365 days worth, but enough to keep us entertained.  To all of you from my house to your....Happy New Year!

images via pinterest

14 July 2015

Snake in the chicken pen

This summer has been a busy one.  First we had a nice long spring, and then poof! Hot days of summer!  Garden time, working on camper time, and why isn't mama hen wanting to set?  We have this one white hen, faithful as ever on setting, but this year she did not want to set until June which is really late for her since by June she could be on her second batch of chicks.
Early on we had what they call "rat" snake in the chicken pen.  Hubby found it when he was reaching in to get the eggs it had one in its mouth already!  So, he caught that one and took it on down the road a few miles and turned it loose.  Mama hen then decided to hatch some little ones.  She hatched seven, and then there were four.  Hmmm. 
That morning I looked around everywhere, and hubby looked too.  Till I looked up.
There it was, nice and full.  I am not a big fan of snakes, but don't get me wrong.  Rat snakes eat copperheads, rats, mice, etc.., and they are good to have just not in my chicken pen.  We did not realize how big it was till we put it in the trash can we had.
It was over 5feet in length!  This had to be a pretty old snake to be that big.  This time hubby took it down the road, across two rivers, and the interstate till he dropped it off on the other side.  We did not want that one back!
Poor mama hen.  So, I have been wanting some Araucana chickens again for the longest time so I can have some pretty colored eggs!  I found some baby chicks, and went to pick them up.  Now to see if mama would take to them.  We slipped them under her late at night.
They were all happy campers.  We have not seen another snake since then, however, we did lose another big one and two little ones.  Never found the snake though.  So, we built a box with a super fine mesh that we put on the "nursery" side that has its own entrance.
So every night when they all go to bed they get their door closed up and then re-opened bright and early, and I do mean early.  For those of you who have chickens you know how early that can be!  So for now they are all happy and getting really big by wandering all over the property.  Pretty soon they will all go over the the big side, and mama will be glad.  She has always been our best one.  I did notice that one of the bigger chicks was calling to the little ones when it found something so maybe we will have another good mama hen to carry on.
As for the snakes, well, we have a lot of woods around us so they can stay there. The neighbor has had a big one at their place, and I have seen a couple of  real little ones which is ok....for now.  Just stay out of the chicken pen or your home will be miles down the road!

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