29 January 2010

Which way do you go?

Which way do you go? North, south, east or west? Left or right?

That is the way my week has been! I found this photo in the gigantic stash, and thought it was perfect for the way my week has gone. We have had several days of nice weather, and now they have winter storm warnings with the possibility of ice. I'd take the snow over ice that's for sure!


Anonymous said...

No storm here as we are a bit too far north to get it...((thank goodness)) but we are in the deep freeze. It is only in the teens now & will go below zero tonight!!
I am tired of winter......
Have a Great Day!

Madelief said...

Hi Ulrike,

I hope you will get your snow :-)!

Snow is predicted in Holland as well on sunday. I must say that I am longing for some sunshine, blue skies and colour!! I just have to be a bit more patient!

Lieve groet,


C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hello Ulrike... oooh, I love your old photos, especially this one! I am waiting for the train to Spring to arrive and take me there! I have my ticket in my hand... but the train seems to be delayed... xoxo Julie Marie

Anke said...

Ulrike, we had a nasty ice storm hit today. Everything is covered in a layer of ice and the roads are pretty bad. Hope it misses you...

CIELO said...

when I feel that way, I choose to fly up! ;)

May your weekend be filled with light!



Mary said...

We're getting a nice slow falling snow tonight - about 2" on the ground and it may continue until the afternoon. Hope you're not getting ice - I always dread a power outage ever since we were without power for over a week some years back!

Loved reading your recent posts. I've had to catch up as having company put me behind and missing everyone's news. I'll have a surprise to post soon - I'm so excited - and it will include just a tiny touch of Germany!!!!!

stadtgarten said...

What an interesting photo, it must be a very old train.
I hope the weather has not turned our too bad - I also prefer the snow to the ice - but there is no choice, we have to take what we get. Today it's cold here and the streets are full of ice because it had been raining yesterday. But right now it has begun to snow!
I am so longing for spring now, but I fear we have to wait some more weeks for it.
Have a nice weekend (with no ice!), Monika

Heidi said...

Hi Ulrike! Did you get the ice they predicted? I wish it would have fallen during the evening so I could enjoy it falling but we got snow again. We got about 5cm. It is very pretty again seeing all the trees painted in a white covering.

Hugs ~

Floss said...

Hello - it's wet and windy here today, and that's unusual this winter. Even this far south in France we've had snow.

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I didn't talk much about the symptoms of the thyroid virus, because I like to have a cheery blog, but mostly it was a very swollen thyroid gland (goitre) with nodules on it, which then set the hormones plummeting just like any other type of thyroid problem. Fortunately, though, a virus is probably easier to treat than many of the other causes of thyroid disfunction, so I'm on the mend now.

I've enjoyed having a look through your posts - I'll be back!

Monica@The White Bench said...

Hi Ulrike,
many thanks for your lovely comment on my blog today!
Yesterday it snowed once again over here, I'm so ready for Spring and definitely tired of wearing scarves, hats, gloves and so on.
Have a beaurtiful Sunday,

Manuela@TPOH said...

The duct egg below is sooo funny! Seems like so many people are getting odd weather this winter!


FEDERICA said...

North, south, east or west? The important thing is to find the right way :-)
Hope you have a wonderful weekend,

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