21 January 2010

Beauty and danger

Many moons ago when hubby and I were dating we (along with my daughter) took a trip to Charleston. There is a plantation garden in the area (don't ask the name, it has been ages! Another reason to write on back of photos!!). Here are a few I came across the other day.
It looks so still and serene, doesn't it?

Another bridge along the walk path. Even the swampy water has beauty added to it.

But don't get too close to the water's edge, oh no, don't, because danger lurks there in the waters. Blending in, sunning, just waiting.

Closer to the house you will find an animal that will alert you to danger. Here is one in its full glory. Although it was taken in the shade, I remember waiting a while to capture it.

One resting on the fence watching the other strut around!

Curiosity overcame me and I checked for the name of this place. It is called Audubon Swamp Garden at Magnolia Plantation. It sits on 60 acres with cypress and tupelo in the dark still waters. There are boardwalks and bridges everywhere that will take you around so you can see all the different animals and birds that live in and along the swamp. I think that it is time to venture to Charleston later this spring to visit all the different places. And did you know that the area also has a tea plantation? Now I would really like to explore that!


Anonymous said...

Seems there is always a trade off doesn't it?? Beauty but danger..... Up here in the mountains it is spectacular BUT we have rattlesnakes in the densest of the woods. You have to be very careful where you put your hands if climbing up an embankment in the wooded areas!!
Beautiful Pics!!

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hello Ulrike... that place is soo beautiful... I am happy there are wonderful organizations that are preserving these gorgeous spots... I have a pretty piece of cypress wood that my grandmother gave me and I love how it looks... there is so much mystery in the swamps... how alluring!... xoxo Julie Marie

Dragonfly Treasure said...

So gorgeous!! There's alway's a catch tho, isn't there. Love peacocks. The best watch dogs there are!
Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting!

Strickfee-Pe said...

So schöne Fotos, liebe Ulrike. Ich warte auf das Frühjahr.
Lieben Gruß und happy weekend, Petra

Federica said...

Thank you for entered my giveaway.
Good luck!

comfrey cottages said...

great pictures ulrike:) yes, there are usually thorns with every rose (danger with beauty)! i have wanted to go to charleston and see the tea plantations too! have you read the darling teatime mystery series by laura child's? it is set in charleston area:)

Heidi said...

Why can I not make a connection to a swamp and peacocks? We see them often here on castle grounds. There is one we hear calling when we are in the garden at our cottage in the woods. We asked once if someone knew where the peacock was but the person we talked to had no idea.

Hugs ~

*Ulrike* said...

It does seem strange to have peacocks around the swamps, but I guess the plantation owners liked them! I'm not sure if peacocks were the thing to have way back when, but I guess it could signify that they had money.

Deb G said...

What a great post! There are so many different kinds of beauty in this world...and I suppose they all have their dangers.

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