11 January 2010

What people throw away

It always amazes me what people will throw away. One day early last year hubby came home with another as he calls it "freebie of the day". I could not believe what he brought in! Someone had spray painted an orange color on it, and white on the corner. Plus there was a piece of the wood missing too. Do you want it he asked? Now what kind of a question was that? Of course I wanted it!!!

He had to go back and look for the drawers since they were thrown out separately.

And then he found this chair that I'm assuming went along with it.

Look at the feet!

So, I finally brought it out of my craft room and put it into my office along with my other desk. I had to move some things around, but I believe it will work just fine. I love natural wood, I really do, but I have been debating about painting this one. I know that this desk is pretty well made as the drawers are all done in a tongue and groove with no nails. The seat needs a new cover, no problem, but since he repaired the wood on the top and side I have been thinking of painting it. Plus he added those white knobs since it did not come with the drawer pulls which I'm sure I could find some that would look good later on.
I have been so busy rearranging things in the house, and also my cabinets! (Thanks to my daughter who has been telling me how she has been cleaning out hers) Things were just piling up too much in them so they needed to be cleaned out and re-done. Of course since I took the desk out of the craft room area, and changed the furniture around in there I now have a lot more room. Of course I also have a ton of plants sitting in there too since it has been toooo cold to even think of leaving them outside.
Anyway, now not only do I have some other cabinets to paint (yes, I still haven't done those!!), but probably unless I strip it and refinish it, I will have a desk to paint too! At least while it's cold I don't feel guilty being inside!!


Anonymous said...

OH MY! I really do not understand why someone would throw these out - they're wonderful! :)


Expat Traveler said...

Now that is a goldmine of a find. I definitely love it! People try to sell junk these days and you can't even find stuff like that for sale, let alone free! wow oh wow..

And a big belated birthday wish to you!

Roses and Lilacs said...

I love your desk. It is exactly like one my Mom has and still uses. Wish one of my neighbors would throw away something as nice.

I found a painting of lilies on the curb years ago. I framed it and it is still hanging in my office.

Anke said...

What a great find!!! It is a wonderful piece and a great addition to your office. Do post pictures if you decide to paint it.

comfrey cottages said...

what a wonderful piece! yes, do please share if you end up painting it~

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

what a treasure!!! You were certainly very lucky--lovely piece of furniture!


Mary said...

What a great find - and altho' natural wood is nice I think perhaps you'll enjoy it more painted. How about black? I love the matte black with the edges sanded back a bit to show the original wood. Just a light sanding first, then black primer and the top coat, finishing with a waxing of Briwax, would be quite easy. Not sure if you have white painted pieces in your home Ulrike so although that's another option, I think you may enjoy black more if you prefer natural wood tones.
Whatever you decide, you can't go wrong with such an amazing freebie!

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