22 January 2010


Once in a blue moon I might go to the spa. Hubby knows that it's a once in a blue moon favorite so he got a gift certificate this past year for me; knowing it is not one of those things that I will run out and do. I don't know why since it is a great stress reliever. Last year I had my back lock up on me so do I spend more money for doctor bills to try and find out why I have this knot in my shoulders knowing stress played a big part or relaxation.
After doing a few things around the house this evening I go into the living room and this is what I find

Candle lit, magazine in place, wine glass, and a little bottle of wine placed in a soup bowl full of ice. Way too cute! Now I'm off to have a little amount of wine, not too much after the spa, put my feet up, and look through the gorgeous pictures in the magazine!
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Anke said...

How sweet! And Wohnen & Garten... Lucky you!

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Oooh Ulrike! How dreamy... you lucky girl you... that garden magazine looks wonderful... enjoy! xoxo Julie Marie

Lori said...

so cute!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Oh man!!! LUCKY YOU!!!!
Hope you had an absolutely lovely evening! :)


Margrit said...

Oh, a german magazine. I love it and every month it´s mine. :) They have so wonderful pictures.

Wish you a wonderful sunday

comfrey cottages said...

i am soo happy for you ulrike:) this rocks:) hugsx0x0x0

The Pink Birdhouse said...

Hi Ulrike, I was thrilled to see that you had found my humble littel blog and left me such a nice comment on my garters' post! I see that you are posting from the states but the german gardening magazing has me wondering, as does your first name!! Fill me in on some details about yourself! German or american, but with a love german things, or what!!

Your blog is delightful, the background really pretty. And you seem to have a bit of everything from travel to vintage items that people have thrown away, to that wonderful evening you had at the spa as a present from your hubby. What a gem he must be!! I hope you had a marvelous evening sitting down with the wine and Wohnen und Garten!! I will be back. have a great Sunday. Debby from over at The Pink Birdhouse

Heidi said...

Wohnen & Garten is one of my favorite magazines. I buy it whenever we pop over to Germany for shopping. Are you able to buy it in the US?

Hugs ~

Hillside Garden said...

You are reading german magazines?
We have a lot of snow outside, and I have no bottle of wine!


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