05 January 2010

Made a long, long time ago

I was going through "stuff" the other day trying to get my "craft" room organize, and came across this purse that I had made. With another birthday coming up this weekend it made me realize how old this really is!!!!
Being a military kid when my father had to go tdy overseas for a long period we would go to Germany. One of those times my brother and I opted to go to a German school instead of a long train ride to an English speaking school. Plus the school was not that far away, and I could play with my cousins too!! As here in the states many, many moons ago when they use to have home economics they also had it in school there and may still have it. I learned how to crochet, (I made a purse too, bright colors whoa!)and embroider. We left before I could learn how to knit which I wish I could do.

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As I look at this purse now it is amazing. All of it was done by hand. First you picked your colors, I chose blue fabric probably because the red thread would pop. Then you had to pull out the threads from the fabric in order to do the stitches. Before you even started you had to make a sample, which I still have too. There are many different stitches in it, and I can't even remember all the names. If anyone knows please tell me, I'd appreciate it. After all the stitching was done the lining was sewn on by hand. The button loops are also done by hand.
I did notice some spots on it as this has traveled many roads, and if someone knows of a good spot remover that won't harm the fabric, please let me know.
I don't know if they still teach things like this or not in this day of modern technology, but I think in many ways it is a wonderful work of art. It gives you time to think as you are doing it, and if you are in a class a time to interact with others. Plus if someone needs a little help on a stitch you can help each other.
I'll have to dig out the purse I crocheted, and when I say wild colors, I do mean wild! Is there something that you made a long, long, time ago?


Anonymous said...

Hi Ulrike,

I love everything handmade, and it is so special that you still have this. I have been spending some time teaching myself to embroider - a great place to find out the names of your stitches is at


Janet is very nice and shares a lot about embroidery on her blog.

Have a wonderful day,

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hello Ulrike... how special that little purse is and that you made it yourself, and still have it... so sad to say I do not think they teach those wonderful things in school these days... sort of a lost art... I love to embroider, you are right, it is soothing and calming and gives you time to think...and watch pretty little things appear before your eyes that you have created... I used to write little poems and stories years ago... I read them last week when I was home sick for so long and they made me smile... I wrote about happy, fairytale, make~believe things... I am going to start writing those things again... happy memories to you... xoxo Juie Marie PS I think the safest thing to try to wash that in would be in cold water with Woolite...

Roses and Lilacs said...

How exciting to be living in Germany. Did you learn to speak the language very well. Children are so much quicker at picking up languages.

I wish I could recommend a cleaner but I just grab the oxyclean for everything and it might not be safe.

joey said...

A beautiful craft and lovely thoughts. In another life I loved to crewel and cross-stitch! Thank you for visiting ... it was a joy to connect with happy memories :)

comfrey cottages said...

oh ulrike, such wonderful memories you have associated with your darling purse:) that is so cool! thank you for sharing, it was so sweet going down your memory lane with you:) big herbal and honey hugs to you always

Madelief said...

Hi Ulrike,

I can remember making these kind of things at school as well. The boys could do sports and we had to do needle work, crocheting etc. At that time I hated it, but now I am glad I learned it all! Your purse looks lovely! I think you can be very proud of yourself that you made it as a kid!

Have a lovely day!

Lieve groet, madelief

Heidi said...

I have lamented about children not being taught handwerk anymore either Ulrike. It is sad to think of all they miss. Then to my surprise, a friend told me it was in at school with her 15 year old daughter to start working on cross stitching. She asked me if I would help her daughter get started. I was thrilled to help. I think your purse is wonderful also for the memories it brings to you. Spots included. After all, we all get spots as we get older...lol.

Hugs ~

Anke said...

Ulrike, they still teach home economics (Handarbeit) in German schools. They did when I grew up there and when we lived there a few years ago with our girls. Both attended a German school and we have their "works" to proof it. Nadia made a stitched bookmark there in first grade!

*Ulrike* said...

Anke, I'm glad that they still teach home ec which I think is a wonderful thing. Your daughters I'm sure will treasure theirs as much as I treasure mine later in life!

Strickfee-Pe said...

Liebe Ulrike,
so etwas ähnliches habe ich während meiner Handarbeitsstunden in den 1960-Jahren auch gemacht. Damals habe ich Handarbeiten gehasst. Ein paar Namen der Stiche erinnere ich noch - Kreuzstich, Plattstich, Hexenstich oder -treppe. Leider ist meine Handarbeit nicht mehr vorhanden,damals hat keiner von uns auf solche Erinnerungen wert gelegt.
Have a nice day, Petra
Strumpfhosen is right!

Chickens in the Basement said...

I would be real surprised if they taught something this creative at school today. In home ec, I imagine they are learning to program the sewing machine to sew the chosen embroidered "frog" onto a piece of fabric. Press go and watch the machine do all of the work. I find hand sewing to be so relaxing. But I also think it could be a dying art. Very pretty!


PS Please come to Birmingham! I think getting to know folks who love the same kinds of things would be fun!

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