17 January 2010

Arm stand post

Have you ever had one of those blah, blah, blah days? These past few days seems to be one for me. I rummage around my pictures thinking what can I post? Everyone has such gorgeous pictures, and I love looking at all of them. So, I needed something a little interesting and decided to hit the "stash" (meaning all the photos left behind for me to sort through since no one else wanted to do it. That's ok, I get first dibs!!)
I was looking for this one picture that I had come across not too long ago. Do you ever do that? Go back through old pictures, and before you know it the room is dark?!! Well, I could not find it, no wonder when you see all the photos I have to go through! Yet I did find this one....I call it the Arm Stand Post!

This was hubby's aunt in the picture. They look like parrots. Can you imagine standing still with your arms out stretched, (she even has one on her head!!) and having a photo taken? Now that is one cool photo!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Those are indeed parrots, though I cannot tell you the breed. I can't imagine having those claws in my arms, tho it has to be one of the coolest pics I've seen! (I'm a bird nut---two parakeets that THINK they are parrots!)
I know that size bird often outlives the human caretakers, if they are purchased in midlife. They have to be willed to someone...
Super pic!


Anonymous said...

Hey... I bet that took patience to get a good picture!!
What a hoot.....

Madelief said...

Hi Ulrike,

I have days like this as well. January and February are always slow months to get through. We all just want it to be spring! I am looking the snowdrops out of the ground!! I had to laugh when I saw the photo of Hubby's aunt. So funny!

Happy monday!

Lieve groet, Madelief

Anonymous said...

Fun photo! I can't imagine having this kind of patience. Especially while these birds "hang on" to my arms. Ouch!
Have a wonderful Monday!

Heidi said...

I sure hope those birds have not put their claws in her arm and head...ouch...lol. Was she at a zoo or something? She looks happy enough to pose though. Hope you blah-blah days disappear soon! You could try taking tea which always helps me feel great. :-)

Hugs ~

P.S. - The word verification for this entry was perfect...neste.

Anke said...

I love looking at old photos! I plan on going through my (90 year old) Oma's stash at our next visit. My sister turns them into great photo books and that way I'll have some of her old pictures as well.

Barbara said...

How funny.

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