25 September 2009

Trip to the Baltic Sea area

One of our trips up north in Germany was to visit my Uncle Lothar and his family. My uncle and my aunt use to live in Hamburg and they had a restaurant back then. They served very good and delicious food too! Later on they sold all of that and moved to Pelzerhaken which actually used to be on the east German side. Pelzerhaken sits on the Ostsee or as we know it the Baltic Sea. It is a beautiful area with sandy beaches for miles. A lot of Germans will go and camp along the Baltic sea every chance they get during the summer. When we were going there with another uncle of mine we saw cars lined up on the autobahn heading that way!
Here is a picture of my Uncle Lothar with his pigeons. My mom told me that he has raised pigeons since he was a little boy and he is now getting close to 70 if he isn't already. (I can't remember) He reminds me so much of my Opa (my German grandfather).

Here is a picture of my Uncle Lothar, Tante Heike and my cousin Ilona with me. I never had a chance to really know Ilona as she was a very little girl when we were there ions ago. Of course back then they were not right next door either so it was a treat to visit them. I did not realize how much we resemble one another until I saw this picture!
Ilona and her husband run a restaurant in Gromitz, Schleswig-Holstein a little to the north of Pelzerhaken. It too sits right on the Baltic Sea. Their restaurant is called Strand Picknick so if anyone ever gets to that area I highly recommend their food! We had such a delicious dinner with them. The only bad thing is that we had very little time to spend together.

Here I am with Ilona's older sister Corinna. She is a few years younger than me, and I tend to remember her a little more. I found out that she had gotten married in August and her date is our anniversary date!

This is their 300 year old house. Her husband has had it for a long time and has remodeled quite a bit of it. We were fascinated by it as we really do not have 300 year old houses here! He did a beautiful job on the inside too.

This is what they turned into a garage, but it also houses the heating in it too.

The flower garden on the side.

Is this not cute?! I want hubby to make something like this for me!

I had to get a picture of the duck painted on the door.

Is this not a beautiful set table? We had coffee and kuchen (cake) here. The Germans do know their pastries.....it was all homemade and heavenly!!

It turned out to be a lovely day although the time was short. It was nice to see some more of my German side of the family, and that was what was most important!


Barbara said...

Enjoy your German pics. Reminds me of my travels around Bavaria.

So much rain in Atlanta, wow, most unusual.

Kat said...

Loved seeing all these photos!

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes and your visits, even when I'm MIA which has been quite often lately. I can't seem to stay organizied, but that's okay...my life is full, right?


Les Cotrions said...

Lovely photos of your family! Nice table and garden! Happy to hear yoy had a so great time with your uncle & family!
Happy week end!

Madelief said...

Hi Ulrike,

Your pictures from Germany and your uncle and aunts house are lovely. It must be great to have so much 'green space' around you. It must be nice to have such a great family in Germany you can visit! Have a wonderful weekend! By the way, you look very young on the pictures! I can hardly believe you are a mum of a grown up daughter!!

Love, Madelief

Expat Traveler said...

I'm fascinated by that house as well. It's so beautiful. We live in a very small place right now, but it has so much history and character and that is what we love most...

IT so makes me want to go visit Germany!

Margrit said...

Oh, you had been near of me. I live near Hamburg and I´m in the city often. =)
If you want to read the recipe of the soup, you can click on the picture and than you can see it full-size. You can read the recipe in German. If you have questions, please ask. Than I try to translate.
Please excuse my bad English.

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