26 September 2009


Another rainy day in Georgia. Goodness, we are getting the rain. So I bit the bullet and decided to clean out my closet. I asked hubby to take down a shelf and put another one up. Now I can start moving some fall stuff in, get rid of the old and worn out, rearrange, etc.. While I was doing this hubby comes back in and plops his self down on the bed, and starts saying, why don't you add this, or put that this way. So....I gave him the look, yup, you know the kind I mean. Needless to say his response was, time for me to go!
We don't have very big closets, and I have a lot of shoes. I had purchased these containers with drawers for some other project, but after looking at them I thought, hmmm I bet these could hold a lot of shoes! Was I ever right!

Just a small sample, and this doesn't even show my boots! Blame it on hubby though. If I am having a rough day or need a pick me up he will tell me why don't you go and buy yourself another pair of shoooooes!!! What a guy!!!


Expat Traveler said...

Shoes - a way to a womans heart and woes! Yeah for shoes.. :)

Linda said...

I just got rid of three pairs of shoes that have been taking up room in my closet forever. I don't buy many but I keep the ones I have until they are worn out and not looking too good.

Madelief said...

Hi Ulrike,

You have got a lot of shoes ;) But I must admit I have as well, and so have my three daughters! Must indeed be something girly!! There is never space in our cupboards for my husbands shoes. Poor him!
Have a good day! groetjes Madelief

Mary said...

It's so hard to throw out favorite shoes isn't it? I have a bad habit of buying the same shoes in two different colors if I really find something comfortable that I love.

I have small closets too - just spent 1/2 a day going through shoes too - boxing up flip flops 'til next Spring, and pulling out my beautiful tall boots which I love for Winter - bring on the cool days and chilly nights!

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