13 September 2009

Can you feel it?

Falls coming, can you feel it in the air?
The apples are ready to be picked
The pumpkins will be coming to market soon
And before you know it the leaves will be off of the trees to show the blue skies of fall
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Madelief said...

Hi Ulrike,

Your right. Fall is indeed coming. It's getting colder at night and at eight o'clock it already dark. It's also the smell; of warm earth, rotting leaves... I like it. Last week I picked the last pumpkins from my garden and am looking forward very much to our first bowl of pumpkin soup!

Have a wonderful day! Take care, Madelief

Mary said...

I love pumpkins and squash for cooking - something warming and filling for a chilly Fall day.

Apples, what would we do without them? I can no longer eat raw apples, throat doesn't allow it, however I love them cooked in dozens of different ways.

Karla Kotelett said...

Hi Ulrike, fall is comming, yes. Also in Germany.
Do you have a german background because you have such a lot of german links in your list?


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