30 September 2009

Luneberger Heide

As Germany is well known for the Black Forest in the south they are also known for the heide in the north. I know other countries such as England and Scotland have heide (heather) too. One of our trips took us to the Luneberger Heide which was about a 30 minute or less ride from my aunt's house.
The heide/heather blooms mainly towards the end of August and into September. It is really beautiful to see when it is blooming. The Luneberger Heide was made into a national park, and I know that a long time ago they would graze sheep out there, but I'm not sure if they still do or not.
This picture was taken at the end of June about 13 years ago when my daughter and I were there.

Here are some pictures from the little town area that hubby and I toured.
See the stone sheep in the yard?

The bird feeders and other things were made with little pebbles.

Hubby with uncle and cousin

These next few pictures hubby took. The horse and buggy ride that will take you out into the heide/heather, but we opted not to as it was a little chilly that day with some sprinkles.

Of course hubby had to take pictures of the heide/heather honey. Also, see that paper lantern there? We use to walk around with those when I was a child the year that we lived there. I wanted one so bad, and the lady selling the honey knew my uncle so she gave it to me!

Here hubby took this picture to show how thick the straw can be.

A little store where I bought a few things.

Another hubby picture to show what the ceiling looked like on the inside. Once a maintenance man, always a maintenance man!

In front of this hotel and restaurant they had all the different varieties of heide/heather laid out.

Are these picture with the heide/heather not gorgeous?!

We went in here and had coffee and cake, me, hot chocolate, and I forgot to take pictures of the inside. I can tell you though it sure was good!!!
P.S. I went back in and added heather next to the word heide. I am so use to saying heide!


Madelief said...

Hi Ulrike,

I like your pictures of the heide. In Holland we have areas with Heide as well (de Veluwe). It is indeed very beautiful in august/september when all the little white and pink flowers are in bloom! Have a lovely day!

groetjes Madelief

Laeriss said...

I thank you very much for your link toward A Heart in Provence, I'm very flattered.
So I linked your blog here : "My readers"
Best wishes.

Mary said...

I'm thinking that 'heide' must be the purple, pink and white heathers, right? Does this word also mean the wild heather and gorse covered area called a 'heath' in English. Lovely pics of that area where you lived for a while Ulrike. Reminds me of the moors in the UK - Dartmoor being the huge one close to my home.

Are you planning another trip to Germany any time soon?

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