20 September 2009

Rainy day in the south

Another rainy day in the south! According to the weather channel we will be seeing another week of rain too. Hmmmm, I guess it is time to start cleaning out the spare room. Of course, rainy weather, good movie, glass of wine or if it is too chilly then a nice cup of tea. Though the couch is looking awfully comfy....might be time for a nap!!!!


Mary said...

Send the rain this way, please. We had the lawns re-seeded Fri. and I'm going to be stuck with the necessary watering as Bob is off to NY in the morning for the week! I despise dragging those sprinklers around - so rain would help out a lot, and then I can go treasure hunting and meeting friends for lunch, much more fun LOL!!

Hope all is going well dear.
Enjoy the couch!
Hugs - Mary

bikim said...

just found your blog and it's lovely! Loved your blog's name! Have a sweet week,
Rosa from Portugal

Lebenszeit said...

Realex on the couch with tea or wine is always nice. Rain can be so beautiful.
excuse my bad english...
Love Greetings

Madelief said...

Hi Ulrike,

I wish we had some rain! Oh, I should not complain. There weather is still fine in Holland with blue skies and temperatures up to 22 degrees celcius. We are so lucky. However, our garden could do with some water. We tried to plant some bulbs yesterday, but is was still impossible to get into the ground! Have a lovely evening. Lieve groet, Madelief

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