19 September 2009

A sunny drive

I thought that I would get back to showing you some more pictures from Germany. I did take 605 of them, but I won't bore you will all!!!!
Since it is raining cats and dogs here I thought a sunny drive would be nice. This was after we left my aunt's house in the Black Forest. We were on the autobahn for a while, but then the GPS detected some road work up ahead and sent us on a detour. What a lovely detour it was! Rolling hillsides, winding roads, small villages, I could have done that all day! Yet we needed to keep on track time wise so we could make it to my other aunt's house before dark.

Our next door neighbors who saw the pictures said that this reminded them of Wisconsin (where he is from, she is from Georgia). He said it is no wonder a lot of Germans settled in Wisconsin, he can see why now. They will see it soon too when they visit their daughter and grandson (her husband is in the Army).

This last picture looks like the perfect country road! The leaves were changing colors, the sky was a brilliant blue, what more can I say!


The Painted Garden said...

Hi Ulrike,

Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos and taking us on a drive with you. What beautiful green hills in the countryside.
Have a lovely week.

Madelief said...

Hi Ulrike,

What a lovely landscape. I enjoy looking at the photo's from Germany! Have a wonderful sunday!

Love, Madelief

Mary said...

Doesn't time fly - seems like our trips home were gone in a fleeting moment and we're always ready for another trip 'across the pond'. When do you think you'll go again Ulrike? I've no plans right now but would like to make it back home in the Spring again because it was really lovely there this year at that time. A lousy Summer followed - poor Brits - however they seem to be having a nice Indian Summer now, at least in the South where my home is (well was, you know what I mean). I used to go mostly in Oct. to be there for my B'day and nice Autumn weather.

Hope your piggy bank will soon be filled and you can go home again!

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