30 October 2009

Seaside beauty in Sardinia

One of my German cousins is married to an Italian who is from Sardinia, Italy. Every year they go there since he still has family on that island. I'm hoping that one year they can fit us into their suitcase and take us along!!! This year Pino sent photos which I have made into a little scenary "post card". The water looks so beautiful there, a lot like the Carribean water. I could not believe the caves that they had right on the water's edge! Anyway, since once again, it is raining here, not complaining......, I thought that we could all sigh together.....and wish we were there!!!!
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Thanks again Pino for the photos! (you can click on the photo to enlarge if you wish)


Madelief said...

Hi Ulrike,

I can imagine why you want to join them! Can you take me as well? The pictures look heavenly!!!

Enjoy your Halloween! Love,


Brigitte said...

Hi Ulrike

thank you for your comments on my blog!

Do you know that I am married to a Sicilian since 42 years, and guess what we are doing almost every year! Yes, you are right, we will go to Sicily. We did do that for the last 5 years because my parents-in-law are pretty old. Next year will be a break, I have to see something else again. We were in California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada and Alaska different times. And ones I made a visit with my daughter to my family in Australia.

By the way, my husband's name is Pino!

Would be nice to read from you again.

Love, Brigitte

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