27 October 2009

Fall Here

Have you ever had writer's block? Now I know what they mean when a writer says that they can sit there and just stare! My mind has been in a fog lately with everything going on, but things are starting to look brighter...at least for the time being!!!
So since I have not been able to get out and take some fall pictures lately I thought that I would share a few from previous years. These next few pictures are taken in the mountains of North Carolina, Highlands, N.C. to be exact. It is a really pretty area for any time of the year, but especially fall.

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These next few pictures are what I look out on every day. There are times when the trees are really blazing with color. We have been told by the weatherman with all the wacky type weather we have been having that the colors may not be as pretty this year. The leaves are falling fast, and we are having rain again today. Not complaining mind you as that means we will have a nice full well!

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Hope you enjoy all the colors from my part of the world!

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Madelief said...

Hi Ulrike,

You fall photo's are beautiful. Your so lucky to live so close to the woods and have such a beautiful view! I now understand why you have kingfishers in your garden. When you live so close to nature...!! I would love to see more. Didn't know Georgia is so pretty!

Have a lovely day!

groetjes Madelief

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