03 October 2009

If I could have I would have

It is that time of year again to start planting flower bulbs. I have had so many irons in the fire this week that I have not been able to get to my favorite nursery outlet. I have seen online all the flower bulbs and other things, and I am itching to get my hands in the dirt so come spring I can look out my window and sigh.
However, I about died when I saw all of these bulbs over in Bremen. Oh my goodness! That is a flower lovers heaven!! There were so many to choose from! Just look at all of these.

And of course they had the mums and other things out.

Look at all the heide/heather you could buy! The pink, purple and white....

I would have brought a ton of it home if I could have! So, I guess next week I have to purchase some and see what I can find online too.
I pick up the neighbors today from the airport, and I can't wait to hear their stories of Germany and Holland!


Madelief said...

Hi Ulrike,

Oh that market looks great! I can imagine you would like to go back there again. Do you already know what kind of bulbs you would like to put in your garden? I bought some bulbs of little blue bells today and pink forest hyacints. This afternoon we put them in the garden. Lieve groet, fijne dag!


comfrey cottages said...

ooo it would be so hard to refrain from buying too many things there ulrike! what a lovely market:) i would love to grow heather:)

Mary said...

Wow, what a choice there was at that fab market!

Ulrike, I used to spend a fortune on bulbs from a mail order company every year. They were really beautiful, but then I decided - after the darned squirrels bit off most of the expensive tulip heads just as they opened - no more. I went to Costco where they had bags of bulbs at very reasonable prices, they are Dutch too but not the premium ones. Bought daffodils, which of course nobody eats, and they multiply without any fuss - and a few tulips which did fine even though I had to chase off the squirrels - can't win with them! By the way, for what it's worth, I only plant tulips in my large pots, and at the mailbox. They do not perennialize here in the South - and I can't be bothered to did them up and store them over the Summer months!

I will be planting bulbs in November - the soil is still too warm - plus I dislike working in the garden until the mosquitoes and humidity have gone! I'm afraid I've become a wimpy gardener in my old age, although I confess I will go out there in misty rain to work - must be the English in me, lol!

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