07 October 2009


Last year when we arrived in northern Germany my aunt had our room all ready, and my cousin had put out the chocolate and little bottles of wine for us. It was all so pretty. The one thing that I found so thoughtful and loving was after coming back from one of our day trips I found a rose on the ledge put there by my cousin. She said it was her last rose of the summer.
So my blogger friends I am passing it on to you......The Last Rose of Summer



Kat said...

What a sweet thoughtful thing to do!


Madelief said...

Hi Ulrike,

Thank you for the beautiful rose! What a kind gesture of your niece.

Your so lucky to have pecan trees overthere. I wish we had them. They are so delicious in pies and muffins!

Fijne dag! groetjes Madelief

Mary said...

How thoughtful - but then it seems to run in your lovely family Ulrike!

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