31 May 2009

Chores in the sunshine

We have finally had a few days of sunshine! So, hubby and I have been out in the garden planting plus he has been bush hogging while I use the little riding mower. For those of you who don't know what bush hogging is, and believe me, I didn't until I met him, it is an attachment that goes on the tractor to cut really tall grass or an area that needs to be cleared.
My hubby's son is staying with us for a short time; well we were empty nesters for a little while, so when he has some free time in between job hunting I'll get him out there so he can help shovel mulch from the two big loads that we got this spring when the electric crew was going around. I keep saying every year we don't need that big of a garden, but we still continue to do so. Last year no one's garden did well around here or at least not the ones that I heard from. Then before that we would have too much rain at the wrong time or like every where else we had a drought. Maybe this year I can finally buy that canner!
Here are a few pictures from this garden in Germany around the corner from my aunt's house.

Does that not look gorgeous! And the black dirt! I'm jealous, here we have red clay.

1 comment:

Expat Traveler said...

I love the photos of Germany of course... I know nothing about mowing lots of grass... So where might here be? With red clay.. I'm always curious to know.. :)

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