15 May 2009

Memories of special people

Last week was a sad one in my family. My grandmother's sister, my great aunt passed away last Wednesday, and then on Friday the great uncle that we were visiting quite regularly passed away too. He was 93 and she was 89, almost 90. Then my aunt's husband's brother-in-law passed away at work last Saturday from a massive heart attack. He was 58. It is sad that people pass so young. When they are in their late 80's or even early 90's we say that they had a full life. Yet if you think about it they would have loved to have lived longer. They hold a wealth of stories to be told if anyone would take the time to listen. When you are younger you don't want to listen, and then when they are gone you wish you had. One of my German cousins lost both her parents when she was young. She told me the other day that there is so much that she would still like to know and learn. So, when you are running around with a hundred and one things to do, take a moment, if only a moment, and listen to a friend or loved one, young or old, for that moment can become a treasured one...........for both of you.

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