20 May 2009

Huge bee hive

Here is one of the bee hives that we robbed for the spring. We had a few die last year plus we had one hive swarm about 2 times. One good thing though we were able to make 5 more hives since they were busy making queen cells.

Here is one rose bush that the bees can visit. It is huge! The fragrance is divine, but alas, it only blooms in the spring although the blossoms are there for a good month or so.


Expat Traveler said...

I've read that contrails are the culprit possibly behind bees dying off. Sad to think that plane travel could do that to them.. Bees are exciting, i hope you can make them flourish. We love the unpasturized honey!

Linda said...

I've been thinking about doing a hive for a long time but wonder how much work is involved. It must be great to have your own honey.

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