19 May 2009

The garden calls among other things!

Boy! Has it been busy around here!!! All the plants that I have bought need to go in pots or in the ground. Then we have had on again and off again rain. Last night we got down to 45!!! Now I know that doesn't sound like much to others, but for us this time of year was down right cold! Especially when you have the windows open!!!
I always wait until a little later in May to start planting my garden which is late for around here some people think. Yet you never know what the weather will do. I wish our garden looked as nicely plowed as this one in the mountains...

Ours looks like someone went and dumped a dump truck full of grass seed!! Hubby plowed and tilled, but I think we will have to do it all over again! He talked about getting one of those torches to burn it off, and I am seriously considering it.
Well, while I contemplate my garden here are a few more mountain pictures. Oops, this azalea is from my house. With all the rain this year it was gorgeous!

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