02 May 2009

Sping in the mountains

My parents and I went back up to the North Carolina mountains to see my great uncle. He is back at home now so I thought that I would share the view around his home. This would be peaceful and tranquil to anyone!!!

Dogwoods are still in bloom in the mountains.

Check out the holly tree shape

Front view

You see this view out of the picture window. There are large mountains in the background, but it was a little rainy that day.

Have you ever seen a money plant in bloom? My cousin dug up several of these for me. He said once you have them they will reseed like crazy so you will always have "money"!!!!

A few plants and shrubs in bloom

As kids we use to walk all through this area, but then it was a dirt road. This road goes around the valley, and we used it often in the summer.

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