24 May 2009

Camping German style

As a child when my father would be stationed somewhere for a year or longer we would go to Germany to visit our relatives. One year we went camping on the North Sea. That was so much fun! Germans love to camp as of course do the Americans so I felt right at home. There is a difference though at least in my family. My father would make roads where there were no roads, and we would be off in the boonies somewhere on the river! In Germany we had these big fancy tents and other people had these campers. What reminded me of all this was when we were on the Rhine River cruise. Far better to look at the picture than for me to tell you.

What a way to camp! With a castle in the background! If any of you are out camping this holiday weekend, Enjoy!

1 comment:

Expat Traveler said...

I was so amazed that most of them carried their cars to tow these big campers.. amazing! But I think it's a great idea.. :)

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