03 April 2010

Here, there, everywhere

I can't believe a whole week has passed. First thank you to those who have sent a virtual Easter basket, and I am sorry that I have not done anything sooner. This past week has been exactly as my title. Monday started out with my daughter's father being sick after his surgery so I have had hospital time this week. Then an aunt is moving out west to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to work in one of those resorts for a good part of the year, and then she will be back again. She wanted to get rid of everything and place it all in a yard sale which I will have sometime. So two separate days I helped her pack up boxes. The big what we call the milk truck had a flat tire, would not start so my little 20+ year old VW was my truck!! (I am so glad I have kept that VW because when the other is in the shop old faithful carries on!!) My daughter got a good laugh one day since I looked like one of those "gypsy" caravans!! My aunt lives in the mountains of North Carolina so I had over an hour and half drive each way. I had some heavy loads in that VW, and coming down the mountain all I could think of was please don't break down, get a flat tire, etc..! The list goes on. I have spent only one day at home, and that was yesterday. We burned the garden, plowed it, etc.. Then we went to a welcome back party for the neighbor's daughter and her family last night. They came back this week from Germany, and he is out of the military now. So all in all as hubby said I have not been home this week to do anything.
Today I made a promise just to do a quick catch up post, and then I will read all the blogs later to catch up. Don't know what today will hold or tomorrow! I wish everyone a super wonderful weekend!!!!!


Southern Lady said...

Wow, it sounds like you have had a very busy week! Just reading about it made me tired. Hope you are able to get some rest in the coming days! Have a blessed Easter.

Madelief said...

Dear Ulrike,

What a busy week you had!! It's good that it's Easter now, so that you can rest a little and do things for yourself. I hope your fathers daughter is feeling better now.

I wish you and your family a Happy Easter!

Lieve groet, Madelief

Anke said...

Ulrike, wishing you and your family a very happy Easter!
Frohe Ostern!

Catherine said...

Wow, it sounds like you have had a v busy week!

Hope you get to enjoy Easter!


Dianna said...

SO good to have a post from you, Ulrike! I certainly understand how busy you've been, but I also miss you when you aren't able to post.

You've been one busy lady! Glad you were able to help your aunt out. It sounds as if you were able to help her out with quite a bit.

I hope you have a wonderful Easter day tomorrow! Then maybe "rest" can be a new word in your vocabulary. ~wink~

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