26 April 2010

What is it?

Climbing up on this tree even almost up to the top of this picture is a vine

with flowers though they are hard to see here you may be able to make out some yellow dots (I used my older camera so it doesn't zoom as well)

Here are the flowers, falling now everywhere

They are so pretty with the yellow and deep red in the center, but I have no idea as to what they are! I do not think that they are a trumpet vine as we do have several of those around, but I could be wrong. Would any of you know?

What is really cool, and I can't believe I actually got the shot!, is the inside! The filament (at least if I remember biology!) grows around in a circle and meets the stamen in the middle. Totally cool!

Here is another plant. Hubby found it in the woods near where the creek runs (sometimes!). He dug some up for me, and they are in a bulb form, send leaves which have a tendency to stand straight up until the flowers come out. Then the leaves all fall down!

Here is the flower. It can have several although I guess it depends on the number of bulbs!!

I am very curious as to both of these flowers. One a vine, the other a bulb. The white one really does not have a scent, but the yellow one, well, let's just say I don't want to make any flower arrangements from it!!!


Roses and Lilacs said...

It looks like a yellow trumpet vine to me also. Hummingbirds love them. When I lived in Alabama, I remember them getting very tall.

Lebenszeit said...

Liebe Ulrike,

die Baumkletterin könnte eine Glockblumenart sein. Das weiße Sternchen kenne ich auch nicht. Auf jeden Fall sind beide wunderschön.
Liebe Grüße

Madelief said...

Hi Ulrike,

Wish I could help you out with the flowers, but I can't :-(. I haven't seen them before. They are very pretty though.

The trees in your garden are massive. It looks like you life in the middle of a nature reserve!!! So pretty!

Wish you a happy evening!

Lieve groet, Madelief

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I would guess trumpet vine also; they usually have leaves on a stem, 7-9, then attacjhed to the vine.
Try Googling "Campsis radicans 'Judy' - Yellow Trumpet Vine"
The pic I found looks quite similar.
I know the trumpet vine we have in the north would grow that high, given half a chance....
These blossoms are absolutely spectacular!!!


Anonymous said...

I have to say that certainly looks like a Trumpet Vine or maybe something related to it. As for the other.......I haven't a clue!!

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hi Ulrike... I too believe it is a trumpet vine... not sure on the little white flowers, but they are both beautiful! xoxo Julie Marie

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

I'm hopeless when it comes to identifying flowers and trees...but they really are quite beautiful, that much I do know!

Have a wonderful week,

Southern Lady said...

I think it is trumpet vine. It sure is pretty. Carla

Anke said...

I'm not sure about the white flour, but the yellow one looks like a trumpet vine to me. We've only had the orange variety at our old house, but I have seen the yellow variety in nurseries.

comfrey cottages said...

i have read where the orange trumpet vine has crossed with the garden yellow trumpet vine in some places. maybe that is what you have, a hybrid ulrike. i have that white flower pop up every spring. i can't remember the name but will let you know when and if i do. i just remember reading it was non edible, so i just let it do its own thing! lol i love your enchanted woods:)

Carrie Cooper said...

Carrie @ comfortedbyGod.blogspot.com

I love your beautiful pictures! I have NO IDEA what that plant is, but its pretty! You have a great talent for displaying the beauty around you.

Doris Sturm said...

I have those yellow/orange trumpet vines growing everywhere here too...and I just love them. I think they are the yellow trumpet vine or the Carolina Jasmine, it might be one and the same, but I believe one of them turns burnt orange after they mature and start to bloom out. I see them all over here and love them. Not sure about the white one, but I will ask my blogger friend, Julia, who is a Botanist, and she might know.
Happy weekend and isn't Nature just so much fun? I always try to figure out what plants/flowers grow around here.

Dianna said...

Don't know how I did this, but I totally missed this post, Ulrike. I loved seeing all of your pictures. The yellow flower does look like a trumpet vine flower, except for it being yellow rather than red.

Thanks for sharing the pictures!

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