06 April 2010

Buzz, buzz

Since we lost a hive this past winter, and actually it was just within the past three months, we decided to replace it just recently. We bought two extra queens which are pictured below so we could split a package. I had to bring the queens inside as they would call the other bees in the area like they did where we bought them. The man who sold them to us has been taking care of bees for 50+years. He doesn't need to advertise either.

The two packages of bees which one half of one package goes in one hive with a queen, and then the other bought queen goes with the other half. This gives us four new hives.

Hubby getting the smoker ready just in case.

We had the queen out, but there are always a few to stay in the box so we placed them next to the hive.

Since those photos we lost one queen, and the other bees probably went to one of the other new boxes. It is always interesting working with bees, and the bees from this man are so calm too. He offers quite a few classes which I am thinking about, hmmmm, I wonder where I could fit the time in!!!
By the way I received a package last week, my extremely busy week, from Louise in the UK. We did a floral swap so I'll get the pictures taken and show you what I got!


C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

That looks so interesting Ulrike... sorry you lost one of the Queens already... xoxo Julie Marie

Kathy said...

You just never know with bees do you?
That is something we've never done before ...but our friends have...
I've always been fascinated with the process...and of course LOVE the honey!
Loving all your blossoming trees too!
xoxo~Kathy @
Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Doris Sturm said...

I think that is so wonderful that you and your husband are beekeepers, Ulrike. If I ever get a place where I can, I will too. Bees are such interesting and useful creatures. Thanks for sharing!
Doris :-)

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I love bees...the fascinate me. I always wanted a hive here, but felt we did not have enough land not inhabited by other people to safely house them.
I hope both hives make it.....they are the most amazing creatures!!!
And, LOVE the floral background!!!


Mary said...

I always knew you were sweet, now I know why!!! Yummy honey, and so nice to learn more about the bees and the process.

Right now there are so many bumble/carpenter type bees around here - they gang up in twos and threes and buzz my head while gardening - the noise is very loud and scary!! Of course I realize we need them for pollination etc. and their numbers have been declining which is not good, so I would never hurt them.

You have been busy - I'm giggling while picturing you coming down that mountain - hope your aunt likes her new venture. Certainly can't go wrong heading to Jackson H. and those absolutely stunning Teton Mtns., my favorite range to stand and just stare. Nature is so amazing!

Glad all is well and you were just busy. Very warm, and pollen is choking here. Doubtful there will be any rain any time soon - but that's what we get for having so many beautiful trees and flowering shrubs!

Warm hugs - Mary

Anke said...

Very interesting Ulrike. I love reading about your beekeeping "adventures" since I can't convince hubby to keep some ourselves. Sorry you lost one of the queens, hope all goes well from here on...

Dianna said...

Ulrike, looking at these bee pictures make me miss the years we had ours...more specifically, it makes me miss the honey we harvested! lol Thanks for sharing!

comfrey cottages said...

no need for a class with a beekeeper for a husband ulrike! lol when i get new bees i buy nucs so it is always interesting for me to see packaged bees. so your new queens were piping away huh? lol

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