08 April 2010

Up and down in the greenhouse

These past few weeks have been busy. First we had cold weather so the lights in the greenhouse stayed on, and then it got really hot. Last night cold again with today in the 70's which is normal springtime weather. It's a wonder I have anything coming up in the greenhouse with all of these ups and downs! So here are a few things that I have sprouting, and not sprouting!
Cherokee purple tomatoes along with Brandywine, and one little survivor out of a lot of seeds my aunt had in the freezer. Have no idea what kind of tomato it is, but I guess I'll find out!

In the front are some squash from my aunt again. She bought some squash up in PA Dutch country, and said it was the best!

A few more hollyhocks coming up. I don't think I like these little pellets too much, but I tried them anyway.

Here are the hollyhocks transplanted to bigger pots
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Ah yes, my try it out mix. Geraniums, how I love them! So last year I left a few in pots, a few in paper bags, etc. Some may not make it others that I thought would not have actually sprouted new growth on the bottom.

The big ones I left in pots, sorry the photo is a little dark.

Leslie at Comfrey Cottages, there is a New Dawn and Pearl D'Or in here for you! First time I have tried rose cuttings, and I actually see some new growth! I am really excited as I have a lot of antique roses. These will be going outside the greenhouse shortly as I want them to be used to being outside if that makes any sense!

Yes, the lonely tomato plant. Hubby can not stand not having something to put in the ground the minute it warms up. So he usually buys a little plant here and there even though it is always best to wait after Easter. An update too, it is now in the garden!
I have no idea what these seeds are called since I lost the little brown pack it came in. Well, it's not lost, just in the greenhouse hiding!

To the left are cucumbers, bell peppers, and somewhere sage.

More geraniums!

Love Fuchsias! So I overwintered some, kind of straggly looking, but I also took some cuttings. We shall see. I also overwintered quite a few Mandevilla vines. The red is a fern that I bought last year from the growers outlet. Have no idea of the name. It has survived. I bought it late, and did not want to put it in the ground then. It does have new growth which is green so I'm happy.

Outside the greenhouse we have apple trees growing in pots which need to be planted. I saw these blossoms getting ready to open so we will see if it makes it.

This is a shot of the side. The greenhouse is made out of a lot of that plastic ridge stuff, forgot the name of it. Hubby had collected window panes for quite a while, and put them together to make a better greenhouse. So we added it to the side, but don't look at how dirty it is! I haven't had time to clean my home windows yet, and I'm not going to until this pollen is gone!!!

So, those are just a few items growing right now. I have so many more seeds to plant. I decided that this year I was going to do a lot with seeds. The local nursery wanted $1.50 for a little pot of one little cosmos, well forget that! For that price, no, if I go to the local dollar store I can get 3 packs of seeds for that price. And if I buy from ebay I can get a lot more!! Well, it is a really windy day today so I better get busy finish inside house stuff, and by that time it will be warmer outside. Just perfect for the greenhouse!


Southern Lady said...

Looks like you have a lot coming up. I sure would love to have a greenhouse. You should be pretty busy soon with all of the outdoor transplanting. Have fun! Carla

Marilyn said...

.....I can see your future & it is full of all kinds of Goodies to grow!! LOL!!
Have a Wonderful Day!!

Expat Traveler said...

wow - you have been busy. It must feel wonderful to have so many plants. I can't wait to see how things progress. Exciting!!!!

Madelief said...

Hi Ulrike,

This is probably one of my favourite posts! You have so much seedlings in your greenhouse, and they are all so big! I am a little bit jeaulous ;-)! I can't see anything coming up in our greenhouse yet. I am very impressed by all your cuttings of the pelargoniums and roses. You are a real pro! You must have an enormous garden if you can put them all in. Looking forward to see more!

Enjoy your weekend!

Lieve groet, Madelief

Anke said...

Ulrike you have been very, very busy. I envy you, it must be soooo nice to have a greenhouse and so much space to try growing so many things from seeds. Can't wait to see pictures of your garden in the summer...
Schoenes Wochenende!

Les Cotrions said...

Waw! Your greenhouse looks like a paradise! I understand you're very busy, but...surely very satisfied too!
Happy week end!

Doris Sturm said...

Wow, how do you keep up with all that gardening? Looks like you have a farm growing over there ;-)
Enjoy and happy weekend :-)

tina said...

As you were going along talking about the seedlings my eyes were drawn to that very nice greenhouse. It looks to be a perfect starting place for all those seedlings. I'm with you on the pelleted soil. I don't like those peat blocks. They dry out too quickly. But your hollyhocks are doing well. I hope they all bloom for you and bring you many years of joy.

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hi Ulrike, how lucky you are to have a green house... I have started a number of seeds in my breakfast nook window... I love your little teeny apple tree with blossoms! xoxo Julie Marie

Martha said...

How I envy you your greenhouse!

Zuzu said...

Loving every little thing you share! I would love to try rose cuttings! :)
Happy weekend to you,

Deb G said...

Busy, busy! I had a slug get into my tomato starts. Sigh. Luckily I have a few left.

Fifi Flowers said...

Soooo FUN to see plants come alive!!!

monika said...

It seems I am not the only one withouth a green house.....
Can't wait to see the tomatoes..
We are going to plant few veggies in the garden next week, when the moon is going to be perfect..but we are going to wait a while to enjoy them...but to grow your food (and flowers) you need to be patient..

Gartendrossel said...

woow, Ulrike, so viele kleine Pflänzchen...ein Treibhaus ist schon was ganz tolles...selbstgezogene Tomaten so lecker...mmm...
sind Deine Fuchsien winterhart?

einen schönen Sonntagabend wünscht Dir Traudi

manon 21 said...

merci de ton passage,je découvre ainsi ton blog.

Bonne soirée


Barbara said...

Such a busy time of year for all us gardeners the world over.
See your weather is up land down too, as is ours but not so hot as yours.

Roses and Lilacs said...

I dearly wish I had a greenhouse. I have seeds started in the house but getting them enough light is a big problem.

Your seedlings are looking great.

Manuela@TPOH said...

I really loved the look into your greenhouse! I want one so badly. I've been collecting windows and doors for a while now in the hopes that my husband would build me one...still waiting LOL!

I don't like those little pellets either. I used them one year and found that they dried out much quicker than other things.

Thanks for the peak at what you have growing!


comfrey cottages said...

ooo i am so excited ulrike:) i adore your greenhouse and have greenhouse envy! lol wow, have you been busy, busy! just wonderful hon and i am very impressed with your green thumb:) i like the looks of the windows made for the extra space on the greenhouse. very, very cool:) sending you big herbal and honey hugs:)

Mary said...

I think I shall re-name you dear - how about 'the constant gardener'!!!! You are really into seed starting and cuttings so must have a lot of patience, admirable! I used to do seeds but never had much luck without a greenhouse = I do basil and other herbs from seed and usually cukes - all in big pots.

That little apple tree looks healthy and so sweet.

Happy gardening Ulrike X

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