07 April 2010

Bee Happy & Bluebirds of Happiness

We are going "bloomin" crazy around here! Thought I would show you a few things to bee happy!

My new header pictures is from last year. I happened to be looking out the window watching the birds at the bird bath when these two came. I could not believe that they stayed there long enough for the photo! I titled it stay on your side!! The blue birds are all over the place right now, and I just love them. Hope you have a happy day too!


C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hi Ulrike... I will "Bee Happy" looking at your beautiful flowers as we still have snow here and it is 28 degrees right now! YUCK! I love your new header, those little bluebirds are sooo cute... and "stay on your own side" is so precious! xoxo Julie Marie

Roses and Lilacs said...

Good morning. Your new header is so cute. Love the double tulips. I think I have the same daffodil as your last photo. It is just beginning to bloom now, flowers not quite open.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Blogger is really acting up this morning!!! Can't get it to accept my comment.

Love your new header and the double red tulips. I have some daffodils like the ones in your last photo. Mine are just now beginning to open.

monika said...

Spring has started in Sardinia too! soon I will post few pictures!
It's interesting to see how the seasons can be similar or different in ither parts of the world!

Anke said...

I love your pictures, all those flowers in bloom look so pretty. That is something our garden is still sorely lacking - spring flowers. I am definitely going to plant some bulbs this fall!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Sooooooo beautiful, especially that top pansy!
It amazes me that you have bulbs and iris blooming at the same time, as we have a large seperation between the two with our weather!
Hope you thoroughly enjoy all that beauty today!


Madelief said...

Dear Ulrike,

You must have had good weather....those flowers in your garden are so beautiful! You already have tulips!!! I can't see any coming out of the ground here yet. I enjoyed the story about your bees too. My husband is very much interested in them. One day I think he wants to have a hive in our garden as well. I might come to you for advise!!

Have a good week!

Lieve groet, Madelief

Southern Lady said...

So many beautiful blooms. Aren't they worth waiting for? I love the new header picture. It is so cute. I am glad that you are enjoying your spring. I think it has jumped to summer here already. Carla

Doris Sturm said...

Lovely spring flowers; unfortunately ours are all gone and the summer flowers are coming with the hot weather. Been having to use the A/C and I must say that I am not ready for yet another loooooong hot, muggy Georgia summer :-(

Enjoy your flowers, Ulrike, and have a great day,
Doris :-)

Dianna said...

I want to come live with you! I love all of these beautiful flowers that you plant...that pansy especially is to die for. Thanks so much for sharing the pics. And I love your new background and header. It is amazing that those two bluebirds sat like that long enough for you take a picture!

comfrey cottages said...

i just love all your flowers:) your gardens just say SPRING is here! love that new header. bluebirds:)

Mary said...

Fancy getting two bluebirds to visit the bathing station - funny how they usually stay for several minutes once they land somewhere. Someone told me they are quite aggressive with people - they nested in a box on a porch and it had to be moved because they attacked the howeowners trying to get in and out of their door!

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