26 March 2010

Tree down

When hubby came home our neighbor came over to help with the tree. A little over two and a half hours later the tree came down. Thank goodness. We have some storms moving in so I was a little concerned with this tree. Men are such funny creatures when it comes to some things. They have to stop, discuss, work a little, stop, discuss, work a little, you get the picture! I told them two women would have had it down faster!! Nah, really they did a great job, and then hubby took one more tree out. I hate to take any trees down, but we do have a lot of trees here. It made such a big difference just seeing those gone too. It is too bad we can't burn poplar, but I have heard it makes great furniture. Of course if you want to hear something real funny during those two and a half hours I had the camera out trying to catch the "movie". I spent such a long time on we almost got it! It's coming down! that when the moment was starting to happen the camera said memory full!!!! HA! Never a dull moment!!
So I'll leave you with a few trees in bloom which I love, the weeping cherry tree

The Bradford Pear tree, beautiful white blossoms

But don't cut any branches to bring inside! The flowers smell like rotten eggs!! Sure hope the honeybees don't go here as I don't think that honey would taste very good! Lots of other things in bloom.....isn't it nice spring is here?


Dianna said...

Thanks for posting that the tree is down! I know how relieved you must be to know that when the storms move in that you won't be concerned about whether or not it will fall.

Loved the cute story about your filming the whole thing. Don't we just love these cameras! :-)

The flowering trees are beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

Have a wonderful weekend, Ulrike!

Madelief said...

Hi Ulrike,

I am glad the job is done and all went well. What a pity you couldn't capture it on camera ;-)! You will have more luck next time!!

Enjoy your weekend!

Lieve groet, Madelief

Anke said...

I'm glad everything worked out and there weren't any problems. Those blooming trees look beautiful!

Dianna said...

p.s. I knew I was forgetting something when I wrote earlier!LOL

Thank you for stopping by yesterday and for your kind words. You commented about liking the little outfit that our daughter had on when she was waiting for the school bus. I made that, as I made the majority of her clothes from the time that she started school all through college. The dress she had on for her Spring Banquet is also something I made for her. I loved doing it!

Marilyn said...

Such beautiful blooms however, I awoke to snow this morning!!
Happy Spring!!

theshepherdshouse said...

Hi Ulrike ~

Your blossoms are beautiful! So funny about the smell! And I can certainly relate to the camera part & memory full!

Oh...yes, it is so nice that spring is here!


theshepherdshouse said...

Hi Ulrike ~

Your blossoms are beautiful! So funny about the smell!

And I can certainly relate to the camera part & memory full!

Yes...it is so nice that spring is here!


Anja said...

Beautiful tree anyway.How big garden do you have with so many trees? It sounds lovely!/Anja

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Bradford Pears always amaze me. They are such exceptionally beautiful trees and when you get close....GREAT DAY! It smells like something died!
They are used in landscaping a lot up here, in new subdivisions, first time homeowners. I'm always thinking it is sort of the naughty twist......the first bloom, the homeowner who hasn't gardened walks out, sticks they nose in the blossoms......ACK! LOL!!!
Love the trees on your property!


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