06 March 2010

From window curtains to.....

Earlier this winter I changed things around in my guest bathroom again. I took down the spring/summer for my fall/winter although I was a little late for fall! I don't like most of the shower curtains they offer so I am always on the lookout for lace (summer), and whatever catches my eye for winter. This time I found these curtains with a valance and fringe attached.

I had this really cool copper/sheer type fabric, and decided it would go great with the "shower" curtain. I usually have something on the tank top. What to do, what to do......The tiebacks!!! From the tiebacks on the curtains I cut them in half and added it here

Then I added the other one here (I have a very long window , and I like the light so I always have a topper)

A change in the candles, a new picture found on sale!

A tassel...I love tassels!

A bird in the nest, and this is so cool white lights! What is so special about white lights? These are battery operated!!!

Then I needed a change in my "summer" picture so I found a page out of an old magazine, tore the edges a little, found some red tissue paper, and I wrapped that around the old picture. It actually looks pretty good hanging on the wall!

My daughter loves it, and when it is time to change she fusses, but then she loves the new one too! Of course she'll say it didn't look like that when she lived here, but now with her own place she does the same thing as me....and does a pretty good job at that!


The Pink Birdhouse said...

Ulrike, Hi! Wow, I did not realize how long it had been since i have been over to visit you! I have missed out on some lovely things here on your blog. I always think that I am caught up to everyone, and then it never fails that I have not gotten around to a few blogs, and i wonder, how did I miss all that great stuff!! I feel as if I can not organize my time. :-) Anyway, love the curtains with their valance. How pretty. They remind me of the ones my sister has in her livingroom. she loves frilly things like that too. Your package from across the ocean had some great goodies in it. Ladies here DO love to knit, and it is still taught in the schools. My gals learned how, but I never did get the hang of it, altho I can crochet. Some of the ladies here in town wear the most gorgous self knitted sweaters, they are to die for. I like your heart shaped box too. I am a box person, liking boxes of all shapes and sizes so that I can keep my goodies in them. I love to collect shoe boxes, cover them with pretty paper, and store them stacked on top of each other on my shelves, marked with what is on the inside. I don't do well organizing my time, but I seem to do okay with my little lovelies! :-) My favorite post of all was seeing the pictures of your chicken items, the pictures, the cookie jar (love love love that) and the brown glass chicken container with the egss in it. I have one very similar in red with a white chicken on top. Wouldn't containers like that make a gorgous collection?? My grandmother had one, which I inherited, and I still love to bring that milk glass little out at Easter time each year. I loved that you shared all your pretty things with us!!

have a good weekend, cold but sunny here, and a lovely sunset today. hugs, Debby

Southern Lady said...

Love your bathroom! You have such great ideas. I may have to use some of them. I agree with you, white lights make everything look special. I think it is funny how your daughter does the same things. I wonder if my daughters will imitate me when they move out! Have a wonderful weekend!

Dianna said...

Ulrike, everything on your posts are always lovely. My personal favorite in this one is how you did the picture from a magazine...torn a little around the edges and done with the tissue paper. Great post.
And thank you for stopping by yesterday. I enjoyed everyone of your notes!

Rostrose said...

Your bathroom looks so creative and inspirinng!
Hugs from Austria, Traude

Strickfee-Pe said...

Ulrike, dass sind wieder einmal wunderschöne Dekobilder. Ich liebe diese Art von Deko.
Hab einen schönen Sonntag und sei ganz lieb gegrüßt, Petra

comfrey cottages said...

beeeeeautiful changes ulrike:)very cool ideas:)

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