08 December 2009

Shopping scenes from Savannah

A very nice place to visit in Savannah was right around the corner from where we stayed. It is called Mercer House Carriage Shop. I asked if I could take a picture to put on my blog, and she was extremely nice about it since she was also starting to blog. Amazing how all of us bloggers find one another! I thought that this was a cute picture of part of her shop. Thanks very much Sharon for letting me take the picture!

I truly don't remember where this one was taken, but I really liked the bear!

Here is one from the city market area

I just love this one! It was taken from the downtown area. I loved the window display so I tried to take the picture from an angle so I would not get too much of a glare. Trust me, it was gorgeous in person! Loved the red dress and the whole display! (if you click on the picture it will enlarge for a fantastic view!)

Just a small sample for you, believe me, there are hundreds of shops, and all worth the visit!


Madelief said...

Hi Ulrike,

I like your shopping scenes from Savannah! Especially the shop with the rocking chair and father Christmas. This weekend I am going to a fair with some friends of mine. I hope it will be fun!

Have a lovely wednesday!

Lieve groet,


Les Cotrions said...

Thank you for this lovely trip in Savannah! I've never been there but it looks very nice! Gorgeous shops!
A nice day to you!

Federica said...

Thanks for stopping by! :)
This place looks very pretty!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ulrike!

Oh, this is all so very beautiful! Thank you for "taking us along"! I have never been to the South, but would love to visit one day.


monika said...

I love the first shop..i could loose myself for hours in there!!!
..+ all shops looks special with Christmas decoration!!

Mary said...

Love Savannah...........but absolutely adore Charleston!! Always enjoying visiting those towns - but have only been in Summertime.

Chilly here lately, nights very cold, but at least it feels like Christmas......in Europe! Do you ever go home for Christmas Ulrike? I would love to have a Christmas/New Year in England again, it's been a very long time since I spent the holidays there.

Hope you are well and looking forward to the holidays with your family.

Warm hugs-Mary

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