05 December 2009

Fabulous southern city on the Georgia coast

What's the most fabulous southern city? Does this picture look familiar?

Or how about this fountain? I'll give you a hint....a book about this city and a movie from the book was made here. Or actually several movies have been made here.

However, after this movie was made this city received over 400,000 more visitors a year! My very favorite southern city, Savannah!
(picture from the internet)
It is a five hour drive from Atlanta, and we made extremely good timing even taking back roads instead of all interstate. The first stop was by the visitors center where the Savannah Arts College is directly across from it. This building used to house offices, warehouses, and cotton.

Our next stop was to our bed & breakfast. We don't stay in too many even though I love them, however, it is low season right now, and very affordable. This is the outside of the Bed & Breakfast in Savannah. Now, all of you remember this building because....it will be in a movie coming out next year!!!! Robert Redford was just here!!! Drats!!! I missed him, and by just a few days too! The movie is called The Conspirator and is about the Abraham Lincoln assassination. The inn's owner was telling us about it the next morning. He said people always think of Robert Redford being very tall, but he isn't.

Another thing is you'll notice on the above picture that there are no parking meters. Robert Redford was filming this section down the street, and had them cut down at street level! Sure enough when we went outside we looked down and saw where they had been cut off!
Well, come on let's go inside and check the place out! Up the stairs we go, watch your step, this was before code. An interesting fact we were told is that most men back in those times were only around 5'5'' tall!

Here is the living room section.

This room had a lot of sea pictures in it.

We had a little balcony with our room which hubby just loved! You can't keep him inside for very long!

More sea pictures along with the very comfortable bed

The bed was very, very, high so I'm sure this was definitely needed for shorter people. Hey, I'm pretty tall, and I almost needed it!

The dining area. This picture turned out a little blurry so I added some "warmth" to it. We had some very delicious breakfasts and company here!

Here you can see where there is another hallway to more rooms. I believe they said that they have about 20 rooms. They also have carriage houses in the back that you can stay in if you have more people in your group.

Lovely curtains and there is a seating area here too.

After we got settled in we headed to the river walk. Be very careful of these steps! Every time I go down them I have to hold on to the railing.

The river and river walk up ahead at twilight. Watch out for those cobblestone roads.....they are hard on heels!!! But of course, I had to have my high heel boots on!

We had a nice quick meal sitting out on a balcony, and a quick walk along the river front. I just love Savannah! It's been two years since the last time we were here which is way too long to be away. I don't know what it is about this city, but it just calls to me. Perhaps the history and the homes......speaking of homes we knew we had to head back to the inn. Each night they have milk and fresh baked cookies set out! Yum!!! More on this fabulous city with my next post!


Mary said...

Lovely story of your stay in Savannah - I love that city too! I've only visited in the heat of Summer and would like to go when cooler! B&B looked lovely - shame you missed Robert R.

Hope life is good during these busy days.

Hugs - Mary

- said...

Hi Ulrike,

It sounds like you had a great time!! I always enjoy going away together for a few days. The pictures from the state you live in are beautiful. Georgia and Savannah look worth going too. Is it always hot there, since your husband could still stand on the balcony? In Holland it's slowly getting colder, but until now no snow and only mild frost. Hopefully we will have some snow for Christmas.

I like the pictures from Mario Testino too. He is a great photographer! Have you seen the blog 'dustjacket attic'? She has loads of beautiful fashion pictures, from famous photographers on it. You can find the link on my blog.

Enjoy you sunday!

Lieve groet & take care.


comfrey cottages said...

ooo i have always wanted to go to savannah! thankyou for the mini tour:) that b and b looks so very nice:) shame you missed redford! even if he is short, he would be taller than my 5 foot height;) how fun! glad you had time to slip away for a little trip ulrike

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